Why is my Laptop Fan So Loud

Why is my Laptop Fan So Loud

One of the most annoying things while using your laptop is when the fan of your laptop becomes loud. You will not be able to focus on your work due to the loud fan of your laptop. The fan noise distracts your attention from your work.

The fan of the laptop is not loud when your laptop is working normally, it gets louder when there is some problem with your laptop. There are many reasons because of which the fan of the laptop becomes loud. If you find the problem on time and fix it, you can save your laptop from a big issue.

The one and only reason because of which a laptop fan gets fast and louder is overheating. There is very little chance that your laptop fan is loud on its own, it is always due to overheating. Now, overheating can have lots of reasons. Below, we will look into the main reasons for overheating which indirectly makes your fan loud.

Reasons for Laptop Overheating


The first reason which has a great impact on the loudness of the laptop fan is when there is more load on a laptop than its capacity. When you are running heavy software on your laptop or you are playing heavy games, your laptop produces heat. The loud laptop fan is because of this heat produced by your laptop. You can easily tackle this loud sound by exiting unnecessary programs that you are running on your laptop.


Another cause of laptop overheating is poor ventilation of your laptop. This is the main reason for loud laptop fan when you are using your laptop while placing it on your lap or couch the ventilation gets blocked. The solution for this is to use your laptop on a flat and hard surface. This way, the air circulation from your laptop will become better. You can also buy a cooling pad for your laptop in order to tackle the noise.

Dust / Dirt

Dust can get stuck in the interior of your laptop stopping the airflow towards components of the laptop. When your laptop fan is running slowly and the ventilation is affected this means that internal airflow is affected by the dust. The best solution for removing the dust from your laptop is to blow the compressed air or you can open your laptop and remove all the dust from it but only do this when you have full knowledge of opening the laptop and do it carefully.

Outdated Drivers

Outdated drivers can be a good reason as well, as they can affect the efficiency of the laptop, then your system needs to push harder even for performing simple tasks. The solution to this problem is to keep updating your drivers from time to time.

Software Error

Software error is also one of the main causes of overheating, sometimes the software gets into infinite loops, due to which your laptop has to work harder for performing normal tasks.

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Signs of Laptop Overheating

  • The first sign of overheating of the laptop is that when your laptop becomes so much hot that you feel uncomfortable to touch it.
  • The second sign of overheating which creates a big problem for you is that when your fan starts running continuously and produces unnecessary loud noise, so suddenly a question appears in your mind that why is my laptop fan so loud all of a sudden which distracts you from your work.
  • The third sign of overheating is that your fan does not run properly even when you are doing your demanding tasks.
  • The next sign of overheating is that when you are performing your desired tasks and suddenly your laptop shuts down without any indication of turning OFF.
  • Another sign of overheating is that unpredictable error messages start appearing on your screen. Your laptop slows down and your desired tasks will get stuck without indicating any error message.
  • One more sign can be when the screen of the laptop and the cursor gets stuck at one place even if you are moving your mouse or using the trackpad.

Testing the Temperature of Laptop

From the above discussion, it is proved that the loudness of the laptop fan is because of overheating. If you want to solve this problem then it is necessary to check the temperature of the laptop. There are many tools available for checking the temperature of the laptop.

testing laptop temperature


One of the best tools for checking the temperature of laptop is Core Temp. This best laptop heat checking tool indicates the temperature of each core of the CPU and indicates to you when your system reaches a certain temperature.

When your laptop heat reaches 80 °C (176 °F) this means that your laptop is overheated. Most of the laptops automatically shut down when they are overheated.

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Solutions for Reducing Overheating and Loud Fan

  • The first solution is to check the processes running on your system when you feel the fan is louder than normal. This means that your laptop is doing work more than its capacity. Close those processes which you feel are harder for your laptop to perform.
  • The other solution is to use a laptop cooler, it will be beneficial for you if you are performing harder tasks on your laptop like if you are playing games on your laptop so the laptop cooler is the best choice for you.
  • When your laptop fan is loud but the laptop is not hot, this means there is a problem with the laptop fan so the solution is that you have to clean your laptop fan carefully and properly. The tools you need for cleaning your laptop fan are an air compressor and screwdriver. Or you can also any old tooth-brush to get rid of dirt deposits on the blades of the fan.

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As we have discussed the main reason behind the laptop fan noise is overheating of the laptop. From the above discussion, you can get the answer to your question that why is my laptop fan so loud and also you can find a solution from the above discussion. If you follow the instructions mentioned above, there is a good chance to tackle the loud noise of your laptop fan.

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