how to clean a laptop screen

How to Clean a Laptop Screen

Laptops have become an important part of our lives. People from all aspects of life, be it a professional or a student always need to carry their laptop with them. Based on its usage, it can be carried to hotels, restaurants, class or anywhere you go. The more the laptop is exposed to the outside environment and carried to different places, the more dirt is deposited on the screen.

This is why you need to look after you laptop, so that it looks nice and clean at all times. Here you will feel that how to clean a laptop screen, in such a condition the following information will help you a lot. Let’s begin.

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Steps for Cleaning Laptop Screen

If you want the best way to clean laptop screen then the following steps will prove to be very helpful. Furthermore, you will love these steps due to affordability and excellent results.

Gathering Necessary Items

The items required in cleaning laptop screen are not too many and most of them will be already present at your house. So, the necessary items are old cotton t-shirt, compressed air can, cotton swab, white vinegar and distill water. The reason we have mentioned distill water here is because tap water has trace minerals that will leave water spots on your screen. Distilled water may not be available at your home, this is why you may need to buy it for cleaning purpose but it is not expensive.

Using Compressed Air Spray

If you are worried that how to clean your laptop screen then pick the compressed air can first. This first step is very important because there is a chance of grinding sharp dust particles into screen thus it may damage your screen. So, what you need to do is to spray the distilled water onto the screen and rub it gently using a cloth. Keep in mind, you have to do this process very gently and move from top to bottom of the screen.

Homemade Cleaner

As we have already mentioned that these steps are very affordable and almost all the items and tools will be available at your home. So, the cleaner that you are going to use is not a fancy product that you buy from a store. All you need will be white vinegar and the distill water. Just mix the two components in 1:1 ratio thus the cleaner is ready to use and store it in small bottle.

How to Clean a laptop Screen

By now all the items and supplies required for cleaning your laptop screen are with you and ready to use. So, what you have to do here is to hold your old 100% cotton t-shirt in one hand and the smaller bottle containing screen cleaner in other hand. Pour a little cleaner on the t-shirt so that it gets moist. Now rub the screen with the shirt very gently in circular motion, in this way the screen will get clean efficiently and easily.

Screen Drying

We are hoping that by now you would have learnt that how to clean a laptop screen. Hence, after the cleaning process is done, the next step is to dry your laptop screen. So, for this take another 100% old cotton t-shirt of yours which is absolutely dry and wipe the screen with it. This drying step is also necessary because if the screen is not properly dried then may be some spots will be left behind on the screen. But after proper drying the screen will shine like a new one and you will certainly love the results.

Detailed LCD Cleaning

The last step in the quest about how to clean a laptop screen is cleaning the edges of screen. All you need to do here is take a cotton swab, dip that into the cleaner bottle and run it around the edges of the screen. After this, gently dry the edges with the drying t-shirt.

Precautions for Cleaning Laptop Screen

The above easy and basic steps will be very helpful in cleaning laptop screen. Further, if you are thinking that how to clean a touch screen laptop then you can again benefit from the above procedure. But before beginning the process you need to take care of the following tips.

  • First of all, turn off and unplug your laptop before starting the screen cleaning process.
  • Find out and completely understand the manufacturer’s suggestion about cleaning the screen before following any other advice.
  • Never ever use any sort of ammonia product for cleaning the screen. In addition, if the smudge or spot is stubborn then rub it longer but not harder. Because if you go harder then there is a chance of damaging your laptop screen.
  • Never use any sort of paper product like toilet or tissue paper for cleaning the screen. As they contain sharp wood particles which can scratch the screen.
  • For your own convenience, at least clean the screen every two weeks because the longer you wait the harder you make the cleaning process.
  • If you do not like the homemade cleaner we have mentioned earlier then there is an abundance of cleaners available in the market. So pick one from there, we should tell you that many of them work very well and they are affordable too.

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Recommended Tools for Screen Cleaning

Although there are many tools used in laptop screen cleaning but the three best tools are the following.


This is a special type of cloth which is super soft, highly absorbent and readily available. On top of that it is very affordable and delivers a far better result then your old cotton t-shirt. Even without the addition of moisture or cleaner it cleans the screen up to a good extent.

microfiber for cleaning laptop screen

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol which is 91% isopropyl alcohol is far better cleaner then the homemade cleaners. But you should also know that some people think it may cause yellowing your laptop screen..

rubbing alcohol for laptop screen

Optimist Prime

If you are worried that how to clean a laptop touch screen, LCD screens and plasma screen then this cleaner is highly recommended. The advantage of optimist Prime is that it is very cheap, easily available and biodegradable thus environmentally friendly.

optimist prime solution for cleaning laptop screen

All details mentioned above are enough for cleaning any type of screen, no matter how dirty it is. Following this procedure will always give you a nice and shiny screen which you would love to work on.

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