How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard

How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard

The keyboard is the most used part of a laptop therefore it gets dirty the most. Whenever someone is typing, the dirt from the fingers gets deposited on the keys thus residue is created on the top. In addition, dust, fragments, and pet hair are trapped between the keys of the keyboard. So, if you are worried about the cleanliness of your keyboard then don’t be, because you can easily clean a laptop keyboard and there are even ways to minimize the damage caused by spilling a drink on a keyboard.

We are here with three basic ways that will help you clean your keyboard easily and efficiently. Thus, if you are looking for the best way to clean a laptop keyboard then here it is.

cleaning laptop keyboard

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Basic Keyboard Cleaning

Turn OFF your Laptop

Before starting the process first of all turn OFF your laptop and unplug the power cord. This way nothing will get damaged, even if a little moisture goes inside. Along with this, you will be protected from shock and no accidental email will be sent to your boss.

Tilt Laptop Upside Down

After switching OFF, the next step you have to do is to tilt the laptop upside down and tap it gently. Due to this, crumbs and debris were hidden in the keyboard cervices will dislodge. Moreover, by removing big particles first, the detailed cleaning will become a lot easier.

Spray Compressed Air

Now it’s time to pick up a compressed air can and spray it between the keys. This will remove the dust suspended between the keys. But before spraying makes sure that straw is attached otherwise a big droplet might cause some internal damages. Thus, tilt the keyboard, spray in a short burst and move from one side of the keyboard to the other.

Wipe the Keys

After you are finished with compressed air pick your old 100% cotton t-shirt and wipe down the keys with it. You can also do this with microfiber cloth which is great at attracting dust but if you don’t have one, it can be easily bought from the market at a much affordable price.

Removal of Stubborn Grime

The above steps will help you in removing dust and other debris but some smudge is very stubborn and can’t be removed easily. So, for removing such grime take a cotton ball, dip it in some sort of alcohol and gently rub the smudge with it. In this way, stubborn grime will not survive on your laptop. Further, alcohol is volatile so it is a safer alternative than water. Keep one thing in mind that alcohol should always be applied to the cotton ball first and never ever pour it directly on the keyboard.

Kill the Germs

The last thing you have to do is to kill the germs by wiping down the keys with a disinfecting wipe. But in doing so never use disinfecting spray because they contain too much moisture which will damage your keyboard.

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Advanced Keyboard Cleaning

This method offers more detailed cleaning and enables you to remove the dust and debris below the keys. So, if you are thinking that how to clean your laptop keyboard in a more detailed way, try this method.

Know Your Laptop

Before removing the keys first search your laptop model online that whether the keycaps can be removed or not. There are some models where the keys are permanently attached so you can’t access the surface beneath them. On the other hand, if the keycaps can be removed then find out which is the best way.

Remove keys on One Condition

You might know that keycaps are held in place by small plastic tabs that can easily break. So, to avoid any damage to your keyboard stay away from removing keys until and unless you really need to clean the surface underneath them.

Take a Picture of Keyboard

Before removing the keys take a picture of your keyboard so that you don’t forget that where the keys go when it’s time to put them back. As there are many number and function keys due to which a person gets easily confused but the picture will guide you in the right direction. While removing the keys slip the edge of the tool beneath the button and gently pry upward. In this way keycaps can be easily removed, also make sure that the keys are collected in the proper toolkit so that you don’t lose any of them accidentally.

Clean Beneath the Keys

Since you have removed the keys so the inner working of the laptop is more exposed therefore avoid direct use of liquid for cleaning. The best way in doing so is to dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and carefully wipe away the grime or smudge.

Putting back the Keycaps

After you are done with cleaning it’s time to put on the keycaps again. While putting on the keys start with a bottom edge and make sure that the sides are properly aligned. Moreover, gently press down the key until you feel that it is properly in place but if you fail to do so then read the manual instructions for your laptop.

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Cleaning Liquid Spill

Using a laptop while drinking water or cold drink, there is a possibility that the liquid will spill on your laptop. If such an incident happens to you then better follow these steps. Here also the first step is the same as that discussed in the basic keyboard cleaning method that is to turn OFF your laptop because if liquid touches electrical working then it will be permanently damaged. So, turning it OFF will minimize the risk of electrical damage.

Cleaning Liquid Spill


Turn the Laptop Upside down

After turning OFF, turn the laptop upside down on a towel and open it as wide as you can. In this way, the gravity will pull the moisture from the motherboard and other components.

Remove as Much Liquid as You Can

As gravity is pulling moisture slowly so use a microfiber or lint-free cloth to dry your laptop. The faster you do the drying process the more components can be saved from damage. Further, if you don’t find microfiber then use anything whether towel or old t-shirt because here your race is against time. But one thing you should know that using a towel or any other cloth might leave tiny particles that will trap in your laptop.

Leave the Laptop Propped up to Dry for 24 Hours

Although the surface will get dry soon but it’s not a rush process therefore at least give 24 hours to your laptop in order to completely get dry. Also, never ever use a hairdryer for drying because this can blow dust particles into the liquid inside your laptop which will, in turn, prevent the laptop from working properly.

Turn on the Laptop After Complete Drying

After turning it ON, you will know whether your laptop is working properly or not. If not then give another 24 hours for drying but if the problem still exists then you have no other option but to take your laptop for professional cleaning.

If you have understood these three methods then you should not worry about how to clean a laptop keyboard. Whatever type of grime or smudge will be on your keyboard these methods will not let you down and will deliver maximum result.

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