How Many Watts does a Laptop Use

How Many Watts does a Laptop Use

Electricity consumption is one of the most important factors to be considered before designing a laptop or tablet or any other device. Laptops are designed in a way that they store electricity and then provide you a backup of the maximum time possible.

You may think sometimes that how many watts does a laptop use? Well for sure, they consume less electricity as compared to a PC. The electricity consumption of a laptop depends on different factors. It depends upon the screen size of the laptop and it also depends on the usage of the laptop, whether you use it for gaming or other purposes. The power consumption of any laptop ranges from 20 watts to 100 watts. While on power-saving mode, they may consume 20 to 50 watts. Here are the factors which directly affect laptop power consumption.

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Laptop Power Consumption Factors

Screen Size

The first very important factor of a laptop’s electric consumption is the screen size of the laptop. There are different sizes of laptop screens. When the question appears in your mind that how many watts a laptop uses so first you have to consider the size of the screen of your laptop. The laptops whose screen sizes range from 12 to 15 inches consume 60 watts on average, while 17 inch or above screens consume 70 watts or higher on average.

Laptop Model

The second factor is to see whether it’s a simple or specific purpose laptop like a gaming laptop. Gaming laptops consume more power compared to simple laptops. The power consumption of gaming laptops depends on their model. Some of the gaming laptops use 180W per hour and some of them use 135W per hour depends on the model but the main thing is that gaming laptops use more power than ordinary laptops.


Graphics cards also have a great impact on laptop power usage. Most of the laptops have an integrated graphics card. But if you are a professional player and you want to make your laptop perfect for gaming so then you have to use a powerful video card that consumes more power.


The laptop wattage usage also depends on the CPU of the laptop. If your laptop has a good and powerful CPU it doesn’t use that many watts and if your laptop is a house with a low-quality CPU then it will consume more electricity.


The adapter also has a great impact on the power consumption of laptops. Different laptops come with different capacities of adapters. A 15-inch screen laptop mostly comes with a 65-watt adapter, while the 17-inch screen laptop uses around 90 watts adapter. So the power consumption depends on the adapter size of the laptop.

If you want to check that how many watts do a laptop charger use so then you have to check the adapter of your laptop because the laptops get charged through its adapters.

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Preparing to Consume Less Power

If you want to consume less power and save electricity while charging your laptop so here are some tips which you have to follow while charging your laptop, by using these tips you can also gain knowledge about that how much electricity does a laptop use.

laptop wattage consumption while charging

  • You have to be careful about what your laptop should not be getting overcharged.
  • You have to connect the charger to your laptop when the charge in your laptop remains less than 10%. Do not wait for a complete end of charging, by doing this you can also get an idea about how many watts does a laptop use per hour.
  • You also must be careful about plugging the charging wire properly.
  • Also take care that your laptop does not get hot while charging and that the fans of your laptop are working correctly and properly.
  • One most important things are to check the condition of your laptop. If it is overheated then you must leave the laptop alone for a while without using it. This way the wattage consumption can be controlled as well.
  • Charge your laptop using the original charger.
  • Take care of the hardware of your laptop as well, faulty hardware creates load and overheating which results in high wattage consumption.

Laptop Vs. PC Power Consumption

Laptops are designed in a way that they are very efficient in energy consumption so they are less hungry in power consumption. A PC needs more energy than a laptop as it needs permanent massive power. So the laptops will be a cheap choice for you in case of power consumption as compared to a PC.

Compared to desktop computers, laptops consume 80 percent less electricity which has a great impact on your monthly electricity expense. The power consumption of the higher energy consuming laptops is equivalent to lower energy consuming PCs, but the laptops always consume less power than a PC. The laptop wattage usage exceeds 60 watts while the PC wattage can as high as 175 watts, which is more than half of the laptops.

As the laptops have smaller PSUs so they have a low potential for maximum power consumption they consume a maximum of 90Wh while the PCs have large PSUs so they consume 400Wh.

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