screenshot on hp laptop

How to Screenshot on HP Laptop

Screenshots are often referred as screencap or screengrab. They let you capture what you are exactly seeing on your screen display. Sharing, saving or taking screenshots can be extremely beneficial. Some say it’s the most important thing on the internet today. They help you out in saving memories, may it be on social media or some web page. It can be really helpful in proving your case, if you are seeing any crazy stuff and save it to show your friends later. Not only they can prove your case but they can also help you archive the past.

Every operating system has its own way to capture screenshots on your display. Similarly, every laptop has its own key combination for taking a screenshot. The article will provide you a detail and step wise procedure of taking screenshot on HP laptops, with every possible way.

Screenshot on HP Laptop

Taking Screenshot of Whole Screen

Taking screenshot on your HP laptop is easy. Taking a screenshot on HP laptop with Window 10 installed require just a few key combinations. Following these steps will help you out in capturing a screenshot on HP laptop.

  1. Go to the desired destination which you want to screenshot in your HP laptop.
  2. Press Fn + PrtSc (function + Print screen), the desired displayed content on screen is now captured.
  3. The captured image will be saved on This PC > Pictures > Screenshots. If the screenshot is not directly saved to the pictures (depending upon HP laptop model) then follow the next step.
  4. Open image editor like Paint or Photoshop and paste the screenshot or directly Press Ctrl + V. The screenshot you have captured will now showed on the image editor.
  5. Edit the screenshot as you want and save it to the desired location on your laptop.

screenshot of whole screen on hp Laptop

Screenshot of Active Window in HP laptop

If you are trying to capture the active window screenshot in HP laptop, then following these steps will save your time.

  1. Press Alt + PrtSc or Fn + Alt + PrtSc at the same time.
  2. The active window screenshot will be directly saved to the default lactation or you have to do it manually via paint or photoshop.
  3. Open image editor like Paint or Photoshop. Press Ctrl + V or right click and Paste.
  4. Edit the image as you want and save it to the desired location with Ctrl + S.
  5. The active window screenshot will now save to your laptop desired location.

Screenshot of active window in hp laptop

Screenshot of Partial Window

Windows 10 introduced a new feature of capturing screenshot with customized accessibility without any third-party application. This is really beneficial, if you want to capture a small portion of the window screen. Taking screenshot of the desired portion with mouse dragging is an easy way to capture the screen shot. To know, How to screenshot on HP Laptop, follow these steps.

  1. Press Window key + Shift + S at same time. After pressing the keys, the screen will fade out to light white and the cursor will change to crosshair.
  2. Drag the crosshair over the screen and select the portion you want to capture.
  3. The image will be copied and open an image editor in your window.
  4. Paste the image or press Ctrl + V to show what you have captured.
  5. Edit the screenshot as you want and press Ctrl + S to save it to desired location.

Custom Screenshot with Snipping Tool

An excellent feature in every operating system that allow you to take screenshot with variety of feature. The snipping tool is available in the startup menu and with just few clicks the HP laptop desktop will be instantly grabbed. Follow these steps and capture the desired image with more option to snap.

  1. Open Snipping tool application from startup menu.
  2. Press Ctrl + N to create a new snipping image.
  3. The mouse cursor will change to crosshair and drag it to the desired location.
  4. You can switch modes to capture the desired shapes like circle, ovals, screenshot of active window, and capturing dual monitor at once.
  5. Click the icon button to save the desired screenshot in PNG or JPEG file format.

Snipping tool doesn’t just provide different shapes to capture the desktop but also gives option to edit the screenshot with highlighter for pointing out specific area.

Screenshot using snipping tool

Third Party Application

Besides from windows build-in screenshot utilities, there is a third-party application that has numerous options to capture desktop at current time. Lightshot is a third-party application that allows you to capture screenshot with few clicks or just pressing a desired key. By creating account at to create own gallery to have a look on your screenshot gallery. You can also copy screenshot for Lightshot to clipboard by pressing Ctrl + C and can paste anywhere you want like word, paint, and photoshop. The screenshot can be saved with JPG, PNG, or BMP format with just clicking on save button. The software provide customization by adjusting the screenshot with different hotkeys for fast capturing.

lightshot for screenshot

Capturing screenshots in HP laptop is an easy process and understanding different options to capture the desktop picture is important. Operating system build-in utilities like whole screen, portion of screen, active window screenshotting, and snipping tools for customized screenshotting allows the HP users to capture screenshot with more ease. If you are looking for an easy option rather than using windows utilities then Lightshot, a third-party application also performs the same function with more features.

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