Best Budget Laptop 2021: Top Cheap Laptops

best budget laptop

All laptops manufacturers try to release laptops aimed at different uses and users. You will come across budget laptops, mid-range laptops and then flagship laptops as well. Since you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot on a laptop, it is always good to explore your options. We have listed some of the best budget laptops 2021 here, these laptops although cheap, can do serious tasking and load handling. Besides, if you can get your hands on a good cheap laptop then why bother spend a fortune on it.

Our best inexpensive laptops list consists of laptops from all types, you will find yourself a suitable choice if you are a student, professional, gamer or any other use which you might have in mind. Additionally, some of these laptops come equipped with latest gen processors and good specifications which will let you do other off-routine tasks easily. So Good Luck!

Best Budget Laptop 2021

  1. ASUS VivoBook 15
  2. Acer Nitro 5
  3. Acer Aspire 5 Slim
  4. Lenovo Flex 5 14
  5. Acer Swift 3
  6. HP 15-inch FHD
  7. Lenovo IdeaPad 3
  8. Acer Chromebook R 13
  9. ASUS TUF Gaming A15
  10. ASUS ZenBook 13

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Our Top 3 Picks

1. ASUS VivoBook 15

ASUS VivoBook 15 Thin and Light Laptop

CPU: Intel i5-1035G1
Display: 15.6 (1920×1080)

2. Acer Aspire 5 Slim

Acer Aspire 5 Slim

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 4500U
Display: 15.6 (1920×1080)

3. Lenovo IdeaPad 3

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 14

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3500U
Display: 14 (1920×1080)

What is the Best Budget Laptop?

While saving money on a laptop, you will face certain choices where a compromise will be made. This does not necessarily mean that a budget laptop will not perform good, however you might not get everything on the house which a best laptop will give. So, let’s go through a series of questions and buying tips which will make clear the concept about what is a good cheap laptop.

What Specs do I get?

When speaking of a best budget laptop, you need to to know that the specs and performance of your laptop won’t be high end. This means that your laptop will ether have a previous Gen processor, a low RAM or maybe lower storage space. But this compromise does not drastically decreases the performance, however you will face certain scenarios where a resource hungry program might not work properly. This rarely happens, because for routine work like web browsing, watching movies, playing mid-level games and other such technical work won;t be an issue for the laptops we have reviewed in this cheap laptop picks. Now speaking of specs and performance, you will normal get 4GB – 8GB RAM which is more than enough for any task you work out in routine. For processor, you will see CPUs from all generations, even the latest 10th gen is available in budget processors but cores will be lower. An i3 or i5 is what you get you cut on cost. As for storage space anywhere from 128GB to 256GB is what comes housed inside these budget laptops and then in some cases a 512GB is there. Last but not the least, a dedicated graphics card is what you will miss in these laptops, however the built-in GPU here is more than enough for things you will be doing in your daily routine.

How is the Display?

For a budget laptop, you get a pretty nice display which is good for anything ranging from watching YouTube videos to working on docs. You will find the display bright, colorful and satisfactory unless you switch to tasks like high-end graphic designing or video editing. Technically, you normally get an FHD display which is 1080p resolution and is one of widely used displays among laptops these days. Albeit, in some cases the resolution is 720p but then those laptops are way cheap.

How is the Battery Life?

Some flagship models from popular manufacturers have successfully reached 18 to 22 hours of battery backup, but these laptops are too expensive. On the other hand, when speaking of budget laptops, you will get a battery backup of 7 – 10 and above hours. This battery backup is more than enough considering the fact that you won’t be burning a hole in your pocket.

What I/O ports do I get?

Any best budget laptop will give you all the daily use ports. Ports like USB-A, HDMI, SD card slot, audio jack and sometimes an Ethernet port. What you will rarely see is a Thunderbolt 3 port, though USB-C is now common for budget laptops. Clearly, since Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 is relevantly a new technology and takes the price high, which is why you won;t see them in all the cheap laptops. But, the ports you get are more than enough to beat the day.

Intel vs AMD?

This is hot topic of debate in the laptop world these days. Normally, we know that an Intel CPU is what you get every time you look for a laptop, and surely they are good processors. However, in the past couple of years AMD came up with some amazing processors and they are slowly making it to flagship laptops. With the release of AMD 4000 series processors, thins took a hug turn. Nowadays, you will find AMD CPUs in many laptops and the good thing is that they are cheap. But then again, getting back to the main point, if there is any difference between AMD vs Intel? And the answer to this is very simple, both are good processors and they perform good but when it comes to cutting cost then AMD is a better choice. So, one should not be worried if AMD is the right choice or not, s a matter of fact it is a good choice for best inexpensive laptops which is why manufacturers like ASUS and Acer have used them in the first place.

Saving Money on a Budget Laptop?

Should I save money on a laptop or do I need to buy the ultimate best thing? You will be asking this yourself a hundred times, however this is not the issue. What really matters is how you will be using your laptop. Ask yourself questions like, what battery backup do I need? Is an i3 processor enough for my tasks? OR Do I really need a storage space more than 256GB? Once you have confirmed that your daily use of your laptop is not task intensive and the things you do on your laptop are not resource hungry, then it is is totally fin to buy a best budget laptop 2021. Just for making things easy, watching movies, working on MS-Office, browsing multiple tabs and browsers, doing low level editing etc is what these laptops can handle. On the contrary, if you do heavy video editing or want to play AAA games then then you will have to spend more money.

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Best Cheap Laptops in 2021

1. ASUS VivoBook 15

ASUS VivoBook 15 Thin and Light Laptop

CPU: Intel i5-1035G1 | RAM: 8GB DDR4 | Storage: 512GB SSD | Graphics: Intel UHD | Display: 15.6″ (1920×1080)

The new Vivobook 15 is an odd but good budget laptop. It has both strong and weak suites but what makes it the best among cheap laptops is that you get a premium looking laptops with top-notch internal specs. Now, one may think about the fact that what else would you need after a good design and internal power, well there is a lot to consider. Things like battery life, display and audio performance are not the best parts of this laptop. But then, the choice of ports ASUS has used here is simply insane, you would love all the possible connections you can make.

So, a 10th Gen core-i5 processor is what actually makes this laptop a popular choice, this capacity combined with 8GB RAM makes the laptop an out of the box option. For a laptop under 600, this is exceptional performance, considering the fact that a 512GB SSD is housed for faster load and save. Now, as for the battery backup, around 5 hours is what you get but this isn’t anywhere near good because of new laptops hitting 16 and 18 hours. The display here is good not but the best one in the lot, it is dim and not suitable for outside use. The ports on it are simply best, you get a pair of USB-A ports, USB-C, an SD card slot, HDMI and of course an audio combo jack. So, in short, the power and design you receive for this low price is exceptional but the battery life and display is not up to the mark.

2. Acer Nitro 5 Gaming

Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop

CPU: Intel Core i5-9300H | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 256GB SSD | Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 1650 | Display: 15.6″ (1920×1080)

Acer nitro 5 is another best budget laptop for casual gamers with amazing solid specifications, excellent fan controls that keep the laptop low with temperature when introduced to AAA gaming, and has plenty of unique and advanced input/output ports. Apart from this, the laptop comes with a catchy design with red hinges and matte black plastic exterior. Overall, if you need a laptop that don’t costs you a fortune and provides premium gaming specifications, Acer nitro 5 should be your first priority.

Speaking about specifications, the laptop is configured with 9th generation Intel Core i5-9300H processor with up to 4.1 GHz speed. For fast multi-tasking, the laptop offers you 8GB DDDR4 RAM to handle things quickly. Display section holds, 15.6 inches FHD (Full high definition) display screen with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card. Nitro 5’s display is pretty amazing with capability to bring you accurate and glossy colors. The keyboard also has a backlit keyboard which adds more aesthetics to the overall design. Input/output ports includes USB 3.1 Type-C port, 2 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, USB 2.0 port and an HDMI port with HDCP support. The laptop weighs around 4.85 lbs and provide 8 hours of battery backup with a single recharge.

3. Acer Aspire 5 Slim

Acer Aspire 5 Slim

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 4500U | RAM: 8GB DDR4 | Storage: 256GB SSD | Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620 | Display: 15.6″ (1920×1080)

Next up on the best cheap laptops 2021 list is the famous Acer Aspire 5 slim. It is one of the widely known budget laptops from Acer and it honestly aces all the departments. Starting from its price, its an 500 dollars laptop which is what we are talking about and a look at the specs tells a lot about the performance it has to offer. Other things which make it a popular laptop for many users is its lightweight design, a crisp display, combination of exceptional ports selection, better than most battery backup and what not. In short, Aspire 5 slim is a reliable laptop which will cover you for all your tasks of the day and you do not need to spend a fortune on getting one.

Speaking of specs, this budget laptop by Acer is home to AMD Ryzen 5 4500U which keeps an 8GB DDR4 RAM in parallel, giving you tons of horsepower. A 256GB SSD is what covers you for all your storage and Intel UHD built-in graphics is what makes the display even better. As for the display, it’s 15.6 inches 1080p display which a crisp and vivid view. For I/O, you get HDMI, 3 USB-A ports, a USB-C port, and an Ethernet port as well. This selection of ports is noteworthy because everything you can think of is there. Finally the battery life which takes you for a ride of well above 9 hours is what sets its apart from many other budget laptops.

4. Lenovo Flex 5 14

Lenovo Flex 5 2 in 1 laptop

CPU: Intel Core i5-9300H | RAM: 8GB DDR4 | Storage: 256GB SSD | Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1050 | Display: 15.6″ (1920×1080)

Flex 5 by Lenovo is a popular inexpensive laptop, the reason for it being widely known is that besides good performance, it’s a 2 in 1 laptop which obviously brings with it its own perks. Speaking of design, Lenovo Flex 5 is by far the best 2 in 1 laptops among cheap laptops. The 2 in 1 nature of this laptop is not just to show off, it literally helps you a lot with many things. And better than many, it comes with strong hinges and a notable touch performance. So, in short for those who want a portable but powerful convertible laptop, the Flex 5 14 inches is what you should be thinking of.

Performance wise, this laptop packs enough heat to take you thorough most of your daily tasks. An AMD Ryzen 5 4500U, 16GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB SSD put together makes a great deal of performance. In addition, built-in AMD Radeon Graphics is what pumps the graphical power and makes the display look even better. However, the display although clear, is not among the brightest of displays. Now, the ports selection you get on both sides of this best budget laptop 2021 is good for anyone, what you get is a pair of USB-A ports, an HDMI, USB-C and an SD card slot. Finally, the battery life here is what no one expects, its over 11 hours of battery juice mainly because the display here is not big and not so bright either.

5. Acer Swift 3

Acer Swift 3 Thin & Light Laptop

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 4700U | RAM: 8GB LPDDR4 | Storage: 512GB SSD | Graphics: AMD Radeon Graphics | Display: 14″ (1920×1080)

The latest Acer Swift 3 is a delight for budget laptop users. For around $700, you get an ultrabook which is lightweight, portable, super good looking and packs AMD Ryzen 7 which means it has more horsepower than most of the other budget laptops. It can be the best cheap laptop 2021 for home use, office use or even for playing some games. The only thing it lacks is a dedicated graphics card, else it would have been a beast gaming laptop on budget. What you may not appreciate are the not so good speakers and a display which is totally fin but a tad dim.

Getting into the specs, as you already know you get an AMD Ryzen 7 4700U Octa-Core processor, it comes in parallel with an 8GB LPDDR4 RAM and 512GB SSD. Just to remind, these specs within a budget laptop is a heaven on its own. The display here is 14 inches FHD, comes with a crisp and vivid view but alas! is the not among the brightest display out there. For connections, you get a couple of USB-A ports, a full-size HDMI and a USB-C. The battery performance here is not out of the box, it gives you a backup of around 8 hours which is not great for fine for an inexpensive laptop like this one.

6. HP 15-Inch FHD Laptop

HP 15-Inch FHD Laptop

CPU: Intel Core i5-1035G1 | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 256GB SSD | Graphics: Intel UHD | Display: 15.6″ (1920×1080)

HP 15-dy1036nr is an excellent laptop for those who want good performance but don’t want to spend a lot. It’s a value laptop in true sense and this specifically is because it does not lack any necessary feature. Design wise, it is an elegant looking laptop which mostly comes because of its shinny silver finish, besides it is a slim one and becomes easily portable. One can not arguable compare it with other series from HP like the Envy of Spectre because those are high-end flagship laptops which bear a very high price tag. This one, on the contrary is a sub $700 laptop with good specs and looks.

What makes it worth every pie you spend is the 10 Gen core-i5 processor with the support of an 8GB RAM. Getting a 10th Gen processor itself is more than enough for any normal user. Furthermore, you get 256GB SSD and space and built-in Intel UHD Graphics. The display here is a good one but same as what happens to almost all cheap laptop, it lacks the best level of brightness. This aside, and it is one of the best display among budget laptops for this year. The battery backup here is not something one can praise, it gives you around 6 hours under load after which you will have to plug-in the charger. For I/O, you get 3 USB-A, a USB-C, HDMI and other necessary things like the audio jack.

7. Lenovo IdeaPad 3

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 14

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3500U | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 256GB SSD | Graphics: AMD Radeon Vega 8 | Display: 14″ (1920×1080)

Any good laptop needs to be portable, powerful and should come with all the necessary features one would need, however a plus to all this is a low price and stunning looks. Well, the Ideapad 3 14 inches by Lenovo is such a laptop, it comes with amazing looks in blue color, is capable enough to take your through day and bears a price tag by which is it becomes affordable for all. Ideapad 3 comes with a durable nature and offer performance good enough to be compared with other pricey laptops. Besides, the inside looks of it make it look an elegant new laptop which is because of the thin bezels and nicely styled keypad with grey keys.

The 14 inch display on the laptop is a good one, it’s a good size which makes it easy to use it anywhere and carry it easily. Also, it is nice on colors and the view is vivid. Coming towards the real deal which is the performance of the laptop, the Ideapad 3 is home to AMD Ryzen 5 3500U CPU which itself is a good processor to have at this price. Further adding to the performance is an 8GB RAM backed by 256GB SSD and AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics. All this put together generates enough power to run multiple designing tools and games easily. The run-time for battery you get on this laptop touches around 8 hours which is not awesome but is considered good for a really cheap laptop.

8. Acer Chromebook R 13

Acer Chromebook R 13 Convertible

CPU: MediaTek MT8173C | RAM: 4GB | Storage: 32GB HDD | Graphics: Imagination PowerVR GX6250 | Display: 13.3″ (1920×1080)

Chromebooks have been around for a while now, and most people love them. his is mainly because most people do things on their laptop for which there is no need to spend a lot of money on a laptop. In contrast, a chromebook is something which is cheap and lets you do almost all of your daily routine tasks like browsing the web, using docs and sheets, doing your home work or a good quick video call. The R 13 by Acer is a cheap chromebook designed to be durable and a perfect fit for those whose laptop’s use is minimal. It can be a very good choice for kids, elderly or someone who has to seldom use her laptop for work purposes.

Digging into the components, the R 13 is powered by MediaTek MT8173C CPU with 4GB RAM and 32GB space for all your data. This combination of internal components is good enough to carry out tasks for which a chromebook is designed to do. Furthermore, the 13.3 inches FHD display is delight itself, the view of it is good and all the colors are accurately depicted. For I/O you get everything one would need, it comes with USB-C, USB-A, HDMI and audio jack. What the the R 13 does gracefully is the battery backup, you get a good 11 hours of backup and sometimes even beyond this which is amazing considering the low price.

9. ASUS TUF Gaming A15

ASUS TUF Gaming A15 Gaming Laptop

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 4600H | RAM: 8GB DDR4 | Storage: 512GB SSD | Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1650 | Display: 15.6″ (1920×1080)

Who says gaming laptops are expensive and if they are not then they are not up to the mark? This argument seems irrelevant when speaking of the new budget gaming laptop by ASUS. It’s the real deal when speaking of budget gaming laptop, ASUS has managed to manufacture something which is just the balance between power and money which a budget gamer will love to have. It comes with a wide array of ports, amazing display and packs enough heat to manage playing all AAA titles at average settings. Apart from this, design wise it is amazing and can be used for normal purposes besides gaming as well.

As for the performance, ASUS TUF A15 is housed with AMD Ryzen 5 4600H with 8GB DDR4 RAM and 512GB SSD space. But here comes the real deal in terms of gaming, an Nvidia GTX 1650 is pumps all the graphical power and you can play almost anything hassle-free. It’s 15 inches laptop display is something out of the box, it’s 1080p no doubt but for given low price tag it does wonders. For connectivity, you get 3 USB-A ports, a Type-C, an RH45 LAN port, HDMI and of course the audio jack. Finally, when speaking of battery performance, 5 hours backup is awesome give the low price and power hungry specs.

10. ASUS ZenBook 13 UX325

ASUS ZenBook 13 UX325

CPU: Intel Core i5-1035G | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 256GB SSD | Graphics: Intel UHD | Display: 13.3″ (1920×1080)

See if you haven’t noticed so far, ASUS is playing on a much bigger level than it was a few years back. Not a single laptop category goes by where you won’t see people mentioning and praising Asus Laptops. In fact, among our best budget laptops list you will come across more than 3 Asus laptops. The reason for it is simple, their laptops are next level in terms of design and power. And at the same time, the manufactured has made available laptops from all price ranges which makes it even more praiseworthy. Speaking of which, the Zenbook UX325 is a 13 inches thin and lightweight laptop offered a price below $800 which is simply justifiable for the performance you get.

Staring with the 10th gen processor which means enormous power, the laptop is equipped with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD. In addition the Intel UHD graphics is what makes the usage even better. For connectivity, the laptop surprises you at the given price. This is because of 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports along with USB-A, HDMI and MicroSD reader. The display here comes with thin bezels and a crisp view, though it could have been a bit brighter. And last but not the least, one of the strongest suits of this laptops here is its battery life. The notebook goes for above 13 hours which is stunningly awesome.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the battery last?

Battery life depends on the usage, if you are using your laptop for some power consumptive task, your aim should be to at least to get 8 to 10 hours battery backup. Getting a budget laptop that provides 10-15 hours battery backup is a plus at this stage, you won’t need to stick to electricity boards.

What is the optimal screen size for a daily use laptop?

Screen size and display quality is matter of personal preference, you can’t fix any screen resolution or size to a specific user category. For normal or daily usage, if your laptop has 1.56 inches display screen with FHD (Full high definition) resolution, its more than enough. But if you are someone dealing mostly with graphics then you can look for more than FHD to witness more clear graphics.

Final Words
Best cheap laptops exists in real world, not all laptops are highly priced. If you know that your needs do not require a high-end flagship laptop then why bother buy one. Our list above comprises of all the best laptops available at cheap price. And to be sure, all these budget laptops 2021 are quite up to the mark in terms of performance, design and battery performance. So Good Luck!

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