black friday laptop deals 2020

Best Black Friday Laptop Deals 2020

No doubt, Black Friday is the best time to buy any tech gadget, especially laptops, tablets and smartphones etc. Almost all popular manufacturers come up with laptop deals for Black Friday and the discount is enormous. In addition, almost all these Black Friday laptop deals 2020 can be availed online so you won’t have to physically walk over to a store and wait in long queues.

There’s a few number of days throughout the year when you can actually buy your favourite gadget for a discounted price. Some of the best laptop deals Black Friday 2020 are listed below and you will probably encounter your preferred choice. Not only this, we have put together these deals based on the type or use of a laptop, this way it is more easy for let’s say if you are specifically looking for a chromebook or a gaming laptop on this Black Friday 2020.

Black Friday Laptop Deals 2020 By Category

  1. General Use Laptops
  2. Gaming Laptops
  3. Ultrabooks and Business Laptops
  4. ChromeBooks
  5. MacBooks
  6. Workstations
  7. Designing and Studio Laptops
  8. 2 in 1 Laptops

General Use Laptops

In this category you will be able to get yourself a laptop which is suitable for both office work and home use. If your use for a laptop is not specified to a hardcore task, say for example graphics designing, then these laptops are what you are actually looking for. There is no doubt about how powerful these laptops are but their capabilities are within limits and so you can enjoy good power at a reasonable price.

1. LG Gram 13

LG Gram 13 is known for its slim and sleek design packing high-performance hardware capable of handling almost everything you throw at it. LG Gram 13 is a lightweight ultra-book weighing almost 2.1 pounds with a powerful 8th Generation Intel Quad-Core 1.6 GHz Core i5-8265U processor alongside 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD for smooth multitasking. LG Gram 13 has 13.3 inches Full High-Definition IPS touchscreen display capable of delivering some vivid & accurate colors. LG Gram 13 overall, is a best ultra-Book for businesspeople and college students – with high performance with lightweight chassis, smaller form-factor and exceptional battery life of almost 20 hour’s.

2. Dell XPS 13

Dell is back this time with a real champ, The XPS 13 – an extremely luxurious laptop with all-day battery life and a genuine monster like performance, not to mention its design that is something to die for. However, the high-quality audio with a high price tag that may turn some folks off. The power performance of Dell XPS 13 is backed by latest 10th generation Intel Core i5-10210U processor coupled with 8GB of RAM. The device is powered with onboard Intel UHD graphics card rather than a dedicated GPU. The 13.3 inches full high resolution InfinityEdge display screen is the show-runner with much crisp delivering colorful and bright visuals. XPS 13 ditches all the bezels, getting even smaller packing more powerful.

3. Dell Latitude 14 7400

Dell Latitude 14 7400 is a lightweight 14 inches business ultraportable laptop with an excellent performance power, greater battery life and a smart wide array of input/output connectivity. What stands out the most is Dell Latitude’s exceptional 13 hours plus battery life, amazing power performance and extensive security features. The 14 inches FHD display’s latitude 14 hold Intel Core i5-8265U processor alongside 8GB of RAM memory and 256GB M.2 SSD (solid-state-drive) making it a multitasking monster. Thus, the Dell latitude 14 7400 is an amazing ultraportable 2-in-1 laptop, a perfect choice for business purposes.

4. Lenovo ThinkPad E15

Lenovo ThinkPad E15 is one of the most versatile business laptop, jam packed with a powerful hardware inside. Speaking about the laptop’s build quality, it’s simply an exceptional and far better than all other’s falling within this category. ThinkPad E15 comes in a charcoal dark grey colored polycarbonate surface that looks pretty much attractive design wise. E15 has a bright and anti-glare 15.6 inches full high definition display that helps in reducing eye strain problems while prolonged usage of laptop. The 10th generation Intel quad-core i5-10210U processor delivers much power along with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of ultra-fast SSD. With 12 hours plus battery life backup, The Lenovo ThinkPad 14 is bet for professionals with price tag under $1000.

5. Dell XPS 15 2020

Dell XPS series comprises of premium level laptops with great internal performance and amazing portability factors. Dell XPS 15 2020 is an ultimate laptop that comes with sleek design and extremely light that you can easily carry along with yourself on business or family trips. The laptop is equipped with out of the box 15.6 inches 4K OLED InfinityEdge display screen, latest 9th generation Intel Core i7-9750H powerful processor, 16GB of lightening fast ram, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 a graphics card that can do wonder for professional gaming geeks, and ultra-fast 256GB of SSD (Solid-state drive) helping the processor to deal with intensive processing. One of the strongest and ultimate contender on the best general purpose laptops list.

6. HP Envy 13

While scrutinizing black Friday laptop deals 2020, HP Envy 13 could be considered as the strongest UltraBook contender with a premium elegant design and strong performance with an affordable price range. The amazing 13.3 inches full high-definiti0n display screen capable of delivering accurately vivid colors making it a good experience while watching your favorite movies or playing video games. Power performance is backed by Intel i7-8565U Quad-core processor, with Nvidia GeForce MX250 2GB graphics card, a 16GB DDR4 RAM along with 256GB NVMe SSD. Thus, HP Envy 13 2019 is an excellent-value ultra-book capable of dealing daily workloads with ease.

7. Acer Aspire 5

Acer Aspire 5 packs premium looks with in a budget-friendly price tag. The aluminum lid with a matte finish gives the notebook a more solid and expensive look. The Acer Aspire 5 comes with 15.6 inches 1080 IPS display screen along with an efficient and modern 10th Generation Intel Quad Core i5-10210U processor, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, 256GB PCIe NVMe SSD, and those seeking for graphical power Acer Aspire 5 is configured with NVidia GeForce MX250 DDR5 Graphics card. Thus, Acer Aspire 5 is a mid-ranger, ticking up almost all the boxes you would expect from a day-to-day laptop.

8. Asus Zenbook 13

Asus Zenbook 13 is the best choice for black Friday laptop deals 2020 that too under $1000. Asus Zenbook 13 has the craziest small factor with excellent performance power claiming to be the lightest ultrabook available in the market. Zenbook 13 holds the latest 10th generation Core i7-10510U processor with Nvidia GeForce MX250 graphics card inside a light and thin chassis. It has a keyboard with backlit keys and the bright 13 inches NanoEdge display with ultra-thin bezels that delivers good combination of colors. The innovative touchpad of Asus Zenbook 13 servers as a second screen for accessory apps and shortcuts. Zenbook 13 obviously with much powe potential, is a strong contender in crowded field for best laptop deals black Friday 2020.

9. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 improves on its predecessors with much stronger performance and better port combinations, making it a good solid iteration of Microsoft’s flagship Windows-tablet 2-in-1, elevated this time by valuable upgrades in the form of USB-C port and peppy Ice Lake processor. Microsoft surface pro 7 is a perfect best-in-class laptop with versatility of a tablet and studio, so you can touch, type, write, draw, and play more naturally. The power performance of Microsoft surface pro 7 is backed by 10th generation latest core i5 processor with 8GB of ultra-fast RAM and 128GB of SSD storage making it a good overall performance choice. The standout design won’t weigh you down, surface pro 7 weighs almost 1.70 pounds an extremely ultra-slim and light with 11 hours of battery life backup.

Gaming Laptops

These are powerful laptops with amazing displays and powerful internal components. When speaking of a gaming laptop, speak of an 8GB or higher RAM, a good CPU like an 8th Gen or above core-i7 and some powerful graphic cards like the RTX 2080 or GTX 1660Ti etc. And let’s be honest, a lot of people never get a gaming laptop because of their higher prices but how about some of the best Black Friday gaming laptop deals in 2020?

1. Razer Blade 15 Base Gaming Laptop 2020

The new Razer Blade 15 is a complete killer in the game, making it to the top on black Friday gaming laptops deals 2020. Sported with a 10 Gen core i7 Processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, 16 GB memory, and 256GB SSD the blade 15 completely crushes any task that comes in its way. As for the design, we have some nice and decent ergonomics here. From lid to the base, the exterior looks amazing with thin screen bezels. Whereas, it follows the black color which is something found on most of the machines. But the important thing is the performance and the Razer Blade 15 Base Gaming Laptop 2020 has it all.

2. AORUS 17X 2020 (YB) Extreme Gaming Laptop

Looks like a modern-day supercar, the Gigabyte AORUS 17X is not just good at design but inside the machine, you can find a thunder fast GPU named as the GeForce RTX 2080, a fast processor(Intel i7-10875H) that only a few gaming laptops have, a 32GB RAM, and the hybrid storage that includes 1TB NVMe SSD + 2TB 7200rpm HDD. Fair enough? Next comes the design and as mentioned earlier, the AORUS 17X looks more like a Ferrari or Lamborghini and yes it’s the most attractive machine that you can have on this Black Friday.

3. ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14

Small yet a powerful machine, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 categorizes itself in the best 14-inch gaming laptops. Inside this flagship, you’ll find a 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen 9 processor, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 GPU, and 1TB SSD which makes it a powerful gaming laptop. on the other hand, the design has nothing fancy to it. All you got is the decent ergonomics on Zephyrus G14 and almost a bezel-less screen. In short, this gaming laptop is a nice deal for you on Black Friday 2020.

4. AORUS 15G 2020 (XB)

The power is with the latest gaming laptop named as AORUS 15G. On the 15-inch screen, you’ll find no bezels or the bezels that you won’t even notice. Inside this beast, there are many powerful components equipped. Starting from the GeForce RTX 2070 GPU, 10th Gen Intel i7-10875H, 16GB memory, 512GB SSD, and the story doesn’t end here, there are more nice things inside this beast which are satisfying to the performance. Moreover, the [2020] AORUS 15G (XB) isn’t the thickest nor the thinnest gaming laptop we’re presenting to you on this Black Friday gaming laptop deals but it’s between the lines. Shortly, the AORUS 15G won’t let you regret on anything once you get your hands on it.

5. ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX701

Here we have a participant from 2019 on this best black Friday gaming laptop deals 2020. First and foremost, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX701 is completely on a different level. It’s not like a standard gaming laptops but rather a flagship that has the Numpad featured on the Touchpad and it’s located on the right side of the keyboard. Whereas, there’s a nice ROG logo above the keyboard, making this gaming laptop look good. As for the hardware components, there’s an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 GPU, Intel Core i7-8750H CPU, 16GB RAM, and 1TB PCIe NVME SSD installed on this beast. A long story short, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX701 is one of the best gaming laptop deals 2020.

6. ASUS TUF Gaming A17 Gaming Laptop

ASUS TUF A17 is a best 17-inch gaming laptop that has to participate in the category of best black Friday gaming laptop deals 2020 because of its ergonomics and thunder fast hardware components in low budget. The ASUS TUF Gaming A17 is one of thinnest budget gaming laptops having thin screen bezels and backlit keyboard, making it a little different from other machines on the design side. On the other hand, here you have the AMD Ryzen 7 4800H processor alongside the GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card. Whereas there’s the fastest 16GB memory and 1TB SSD on the ASUS TUF Gaming A17 Gaming Laptop. Hence the TUF A17 is a great deal for you on Black Friday 2020.

7. Alienware M17 Gaming Notebook

Finally comes the real beast of 2020. The Alienware M17 Gaming Notebook is the old gaming laptop but not adding it to this best Black Friday gaming laptop deals 2020 would be unfair. Because the laptop has everything that any gaming enthusiast would appreciate including the 17.3 display, 16GB memory, 512GB SSD, and GeForce RTX 2070 Max Q graphics card. Furthermore, the design is the best, you can observe it yourself on the picture. The ergonomics are on point and good looking. If you’re craving for the best gaming laptop this Black Friday 2020, now you have another option which is Alienware M17.

Ultrabooks and Business Laptops

Ultrabooks are the sleek and stylish modern day laptops. They are mostly chosen by professionals who like to carry around a powerful yet portable laptop. Also business people would love these the most because of their huge battery timing for long flights and near to none weight when carrying in backpack. Apparently, most general users of laptops are trying to get an ultrabook one way or another.

1. Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Laptop 3 by Microsoft is the latest notebook where you can enjoy Windows OS at its fullest. It is specifically designed keeping the class of users in mind who would like their laptops to be portable, powerful and has stylish looks. Well, the Surface Laptop 3 is something every business person would love to have because of it being an overall package. Now getting this sort of a laptop at a discounted price would be heaven. As for the specs, the said model comes with 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD and a core-i5 processor. And since the specs here are not high-end which makes it even more of a budget laptop.

2. MacBook Pro 16

Nothing beats a MacBook in any and every aspect of a laptop. MacBooks are stunningly designed, housed with powerful components and are impressively easy to use for almost all sorts of tasks. The New MacBook Pro 16 is one of its kind laptop among all the new ones. What’s so good about is its crisp display and an impressive battery life. All in all, this MacBook is home to 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD room and a hardcore 2.6GHz Intel Core-i7 CPU. Because of these specs its more attractive for power users given the best apple laptops Black Friday deals of 2020.

3. Acer Swift 7

If you are looking for one of thinnest and slimmest laptop, Swift 7 by Acer is the answer. It is one of the thinnest and lightweight laptop you will get this year. Obviously, the thin nature of it brings with it some disadvantages like it feels breakable and needs to handled with care. Also the battery life is not what you would be expecting from a 2020 ultrabook but it is still better than most. As for power, the laptop houses 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8500Y processor which is backed by 16GB RAM and comes with 512GB PCIe SSD. More to it is its touch screen display which is amazing. So, a laptop with such specs and portable nature makes it a good one to own.

4. LG Gram 14

LG is well known for other household electronics but it is one of the best laptop manufacturer as well. The LG Gram comes in 14, 15 and 17 inches sizes, all of which are ultrabooks. However, the 14 inch variant is more of a portable and business type of laptops. Up on the top it is not very expensive compared to other brands, and if you get a Black Friday deal on it, it would be an even better purchase. Speaking of the user experience, the laptop will accompany you on all levels and the most prominent feature of it is a 15 hours plus battery life. Speaking of internal power, it is powered by 10th Gen Core i7-1065G7 CPU with 16GB RAM and 512GB storage room in the form of SSD.

5. ASUS ZenBook 13

Asus no doubt is taking over the laptop scene to a whole other level. Gone are the days when HP and Dell used to rock the laptop world. Now Asus is competing just in-line with them and you must have come across a number of good laptops manufactured by ASUS. The ZenBook 13 is one of their amazing gadget which is sleek, comes with lightweight nature and is no doubt a fit laptop for all sorts of uses. You can use it for work at office or simply at home for other simple tasks. Also, its design and color combined makes it one attractive laptop. So if a portable, good looking and task fulfilling laptop is what you are looking for then look no further for other laptop Black Friday laptop deals.

6. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

The X1 Carbon from ThinkPad series of Lenovo is one of its kind. It is an ultrabook and at the same time is made durable enough to carry out all your resource hungry tasks very easily. Besides, its make is rigid and so although not recommended but is good enough with rough use. As for the specs and performance, it is one beast. Speaking of its price, it is an expensive one but as laptop deal for Black Friday 2020, you would love to have one. Moreover, the laptop is not confined to any specific set o users, in fact it’s an all in one type of a laptop for all classes of users.

7. HP Elite Dragonfly

Same as the name suggests, this one is an Elite laptop. HP was stuck with the envy series for a long time and then suddenly came the Elite DragonFly which is one of its kind 2 in 1 laptop. It is an ultrabook which means it is lightweight and pretty much portable and at the same time it rocks good enough performance components for make your tasks look nothing. Design wise the laptop is stunning and getting one among the best black Friday laptop deals 2020 with be an awesome deal in itself. All in all, the HP Elite Dragon Fly comes with awesome specs, a beautiful display and second to none battery life.


For those who are not familiar, a Chromebook is a laptop running on ChromeOS which is Linux bases. For most, this might be new but in reality, it is not. It has been on the market for years now and there is a specific set of tasks for which a Chromebook is the perfect fit. What’s so good about Chromebooks is that they are normal budget laptops which makes a good choice for those who tend to use a laptop for their daily but their tasks are very limited and not resource hungry. In addition, a Chromebook is the best fit for the elderly or children getting their first laptop.

1. Google Pixelbook Go

An updated version of Pixelbook, the Go has perfectly housed all the solid internals and gorgeous display in a sleek design. Pixelbook Go is also the most portable Chromebook by just weighing 2.3 pounds. Armed with powerful specs including Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, and 128GB eMMC, this Chromebook is enough for all your huge multitasking tasks. Also, its amazing battery life of up to 13 hours makes the Go an excellent option for students and travelers.

2. HP Chromebook x360 14

The x360 is another Chromebook that offers strong performance and security for enterprise users and you can find it on black Friday laptop deals 2020. Also, the 14 inches 1080p touch-sensitive display is crisp and sharp. Apart from this, its portability and slimness are on top by just measuring 0.6 inches thinness and weighing 2.1 pounds. Equipped with Intel Core i3 CPU, 8GB RAM, and 64GB eMMC flash memory, the x360 will quickly do all your tasks.

3. Lenovo Chromebook C330

Perfectly built for students and professionals, the 11.6 inches C330 gives unbeliveble performance that makes this Chromebook one step forward from its competitors. What makes it more worthy is its IPS panel HD display. The C330 is powered by MediaTek MT8173C processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB eMMC storage for intensive multitasking. All these good things are fitted in a premium white chassis.

4. HP Chromebook 15

Chromebook 15 is an excellent option for those who love widescreen laptops. Chromebook 15 sports a 15.6 inches display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Alongside this, the display is quite colorful and bright. As for the hardware components, this Chromebook comes with Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB RAM and 128GB eMMC storage space for for seamless performance. Also, the 10 hours of battery life makes this Chromebook praiseworthy.

5. Acer Chromebook Spin 311

An outstanding Chromebook for kids due to its durability and long battery life. That’s why, Spin 311 has made its way to the best laptop deals black Friday 2020. As it is an 11.6 inches Chromebook but its beautiful display and 360-degree hinges makes it an attractive one for childern. Meanwhile, Spin 311’s Intel Celeron N4000 processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC storage and AMD Radeon R4 Graphics gives high level performance and smooth gameplay.

6. Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

One of the best Chromebook that has resided all its powerful specs in its ultra slim and ultra thin body that you will forget about your traditional laptop. The display of it is 4k AMOLED meaning it is one of the brightest, colorful and sharpest display. Like its display, its internals are also admirable. Galaxy is resourced with Intel Core i5 CPU, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD for killing performance. But there is one shortcoming, shorter battery life of up to 6 hours.

7. Asus Chromebook Flip C436

C436 is a great choice for programmers and content creators that offers ultra performance and portability in a slim chassis but you will have to compromise on its price. C436 sports a 14 inches FHD display that in return gives an admirable picture quality. It is loaded with powerful and efficient specs for powerhouse performance like 10th Gen Intel Core i5 CPU, 16GB of RAM and 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD.

8. Samsung Chromebook 4

By succeeding the Chromebook 3, Samsung Chromebook 4 has dominated the market by offering solid performance and long-lasting battery life for students and professionals. This cheap Chromebook has 11.6 inches screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels that gives clear and detailed images but the bezels around the display is a little bit thick. Talking about its specs, it has housed Intel Celeron 3000N processor, 4GB RAM, and 64GB eMMC storage for stunning performance and intensive multitasking.

9. Asus Chromebook Flip C434

Chromebook Flip C434 by Asus is perfectly manufactured for content creators, professionals, and travelers due to its robust performance, lightweight, and long battery life. More, the silver aluminum finish, diamond-cut edges, and slim bezels give the Chromebook a premium and ultimate look. Further, the 14-inch screen is touch-sensitive and offers a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, that’s why Flip C434’s display is quite bright and color-rich and produces vivid and detailed images. Coming towards its internals, the Chromebook is armed with Intel Core M3-8100Y processor, 8GB RAM, and 64GB eMMC storage, that makes Flip C434 powerful enough to efficiently handle all types of tasks. Plus, at 0.6 inches thin and 3.1 pounds of weight, the Chromebook feels very light and slim. On top of that, its 360-degree hinges make it more worthy.


Well, there isn’t a lot to explain about a MacBook because everyone knows how good an Apple laptop can be. MacBooks are amazing laptops made to carryout resource-hungry tasks easily and no doubt everything on them is perfect. You will never hear complaints from a MacBook user about its audio, keypad or whatsoever. Now getting an Apple laptop Black Friday deal is amazing, if you can get your hands on a discounted MacBook, it would be on of the greatest victories of your life.

1. Apple Macbook Pro 16 Inch

Craving for power and beauty. Black Friday can be your luckiest day to get this stunning laptop packed with the latest Intel core i7 processor, 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD. When it comes to Apple, you can expect the highest level of quality. They offer amazing display with powerful speaker and long lasting battery life. Furthermore, Apple Macbook Pro is an all purpose laptop. Its powerful enough to support the heaviest of games, suitable enough for designing and comfortable enough to office use.

2. Apple MacBook Air 13 inch

Looking for something as light as feathers. Well, here it is, MacBook Air 13, one of finest and lightest laptop from the Apple. It would be biased to not add this laptop to the list of best black Friday Laptop deals 2020. Apple Macbook Air regardless of being thin and light, still houses powerful specs inside. Housing Intel core i5 processor, 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD makes it perfect for any task whether its gaming, designing or any other use.

3. Apple Macbook Pro 13 Inch

Apple Macbook Pro 13 inch is another variant of the MacBook Pro model. The smaller size makes it perfect for carrying around while travelling or taking it to the office. MacBook Pro is the signature model when it comes to the business laptops. If you are a professional who prefers quality and convenience, Apple Macbook Pro 13 inch can be the perfect companion. Packed with 10 Gen Processor, 16GB RAM, 512 SSD, wonderful keyboard and magical TouchPad. What more could you want.

4. Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch

Do you want something that’s easy on the eyes and have a stunning display. Get the best laptop on the Black Friday deals and buy something that suits your personality. Apple Macbook Pro 15 can make your black Friday unforgettable with its amazing features and powerful internals. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional, a gamer or a traveler. MacBook Pro can do wonders with it’s light weight, perfect size and most comfortable keyboard and TouchPad.

5. Apple MacBook Pro 12 inch

Apple MacBook Pro 12 Inch can do wonders. Apple has squeezed so much into this thin laptop that provides amazing performance. Its the smallest size available on MacBook Pro variants and most suitable for those moving around. Best black Friday laptop deals brings you discount on such amazing piece of art to buy. Furthermore, it’s not only about slimness and size but there is a lot more. Like a very professional keyboard, best ever TouchPad and have a lot of connectivity options. So what can you expect more.


A workstation or a mobile workstation is a very high-performing laptop not like the typical notebooks. It comes with faster GPUs, powerful CPUs and extra memory. Though they are a bit weighty, now you can carry them around easily which was not possible in the old days. A workstation allows you to do scientific computing, multimedia creation and 3D design along with other possibilities.

1. MSI WS65 Mobile Workstation

The WS65 by MSI is a killer workstation with a beautiful 4K display and an outstanding battery life. It’s also thin and light workstation with just 4.3 pounds of weight. Equipped with an Intel Core i7 CPU, Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 Max-Q GPU, 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD, the WS65 is indeed a powerhouse laptop. So, if your work demands horse power along with gorgeous and detailed display, MSI WS65 is unbeatable at this black friday laptop deals 2020.

2. Lenovo ThinkPad P53

Graphics designers, video editors and game developers will be interested in Lenovo ThinkPad P53, because of its powerful specs and OLED 4K display. As they need power and every inch of details on their screen, happily the P53 is offering it all. Speaking of power, the Lenovo ThinkPad P53 is armed with an Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA Quadro T2000 graphics card, 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD to can do all your tasks seamlessly.

3. Alienware Area 51M

The Alienware Area 51M is another workstation you can find on best laptop deals black friday 2020. With the unmatched power, 144Hz display and the option to upgrade processor as well as GPU, it offers amazing features. Along with other features, the internals are top of the range. You will have an Intel Core i9 processor, NVidia RTX 2080 graphics card, 64GB of RAM and 2TB SSD storage for next-level awesomeness.

4. HP Zbook X2-G4

The Zbook X2-G4 by HP offers unbelievable power for unlimited creativity. It’s specifically designed for photographers, digital artists and all other creatives. The 4K display and professional-grade stylus make things even agreeable. While the powerful configurations including the Intel Core i7 processor, NVidia Quadro M620 GPU, 8GB memory and 256GB SSD are worth every penny.

Designing and Studio Laptops

Laptops that fall in this category are for designer and creators. Such laptops features powerful configurations and come with colorful and detailed display. So, whether you are a professional designer, student or just want to play around, you can find the best laptop for yourself at a reasonable price on this laptop black friday deals 2020.

1. Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition

If you are a fan of Blade 15 but want even a powerful version to cope with the hurdles of content creation, let us introduce you its studio version. Though very expensive, happily you can get it at a reasonable price on best laptop deals black friday. Sporting a 4K display and powerful specs under its hood like Intel Core i7 CPU, NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000, 32GB of RAM and 1TB SSD, it gives everything what content creators are looking for.

2. Apple MacBook Pro

Larger display, longer battery life and powerful specs make Macbook Pro an excellent choice for creative professionals. This model is outfitted with magic keyboard which’s a great improvement over the previous models. The Retina display with 2072 x 1920 resolutions gives each and every details that you want. Whereas the Intel Core i7 CPU, Amd Radeon Pro 5300 GPU, 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD provides the required horsepower that you need.

3. ASUS ProArt StudioBook

The ASUS StudioBook is an excellent choice for content creators and designers who can compromise on battery life and don’t want a Thunderbolt 3 port. Though Apple and Dell are still ahead in this run, one can’t left out ASUS too, and the ProArt is just the best. The 4K display and the solid internals like Intel Core i7 CPU, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card, 32GB memory and 1TB SSD can do anything flawlessly.

4. Acer ConceptD 7

With the ConceptD 7, Acer has taken first step to challenge MacBook and other creator’s flagships front-to-front. The design is attractive and the 4K display is what creators need the most. Along with 4K display, internals should be powerful and the ConceptD 7 is equally admirable in this regard. As you will get an Intel Core i7 CPU, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card, 16GB of RAM and 1TB NVMe SSD for a powerhouse performance.

2 in 1 Laptops

Most of the advanced tech gadgets nowadays comes with dual-functionalities, same is the case here in laptops. There are 2 in 1 laptops available in the market that works as laptop and tablet as well. You can buy best budget convertible laptops from 2 in 1 laptop black Friday deals 2020.

1. LG Gram 2-in-1

LG Gram 2-in-1 is the name of excellence in the list of best 2 in 1 laptops. It comes with best slim design, and there is 360 degrees hinge so it can be used as tablet smoothly and perfectly. Calling this laptop a best product for travelers will not be wrong as per its best portability option. From display to battery life you will find each and every feature at its best level. Moreover, if you are looking for digital painting book for the drawing practice LG Gram 2 in 1 best suits you then.

2. HP Elite Dragonfly

HP Elite Dragonfly has grab the top position in the list of best 2 in 1 laptop black Friday deals 2020 as per its awesome design and mind blowing features. There is 13.3 inches full HD display that will never let you miss any single image detail. Through good RAM, better storage space, and best processor this laptop delivers a best performance.

3. Lenovo Yoga C940

Lenovo Yoga C940 is all-time best 2 in 1 laptop available in the market. There is a 14 inch FHD display provides better and large view to the users for enjoying movies and games. Moreover, there is Intel i7 processor with 12GB RAM and 512GB SSD, so with these best specifications you will never face any kind of lag while performing some heavy tasks on it. Finally, using this laptop you can keep your mind relax from charging it continuously as per its good battery backup.

4. ASUS ZenBook Flip 14

ASUS ZenBook Flip 14 comes with perfect design and features. There is 14 inches minimal bezel screen that provides big view as compare with other 14 inches screens. You will find best features along with better connectivity options. Also, there is NVIDIA GeForce MX150 for playing the power hungry games in a better way. If you want a portable laptop for travel and business meetings ZenBook Flip 14 is then perfect choice for you.

5. HP Envy X360

When you are checking 2 in 1 laptop black Friday deals 2020 the most suitable product you can get is HP Envy X360. As the name of this laptop indicates the 360 hinge feature so you can use it as tablet while folding the keyboard under the screen. There is 8GB RAM and 256GB PCIe SSD so you will get better speed and good storage. Moreover, there is 11 hours battery time so you will never lost power during the official work while using Envy X360.

6. Dell XPS 13 9365

If you are a Dell permanent user and searching for Dell’s 2-in-1 laptop black Friday deals 2020, have a look at this best option named Dell XPS 13 9365. The design, features, and I/O connections of this laptop will never let you wasting time in finding other convertible laptops for you working setup. There is 13.3 FHD touch screen display that presents all graphics related tasks to you in a best way. For the sake of best performance, effective multitasking , and better storage XPS 13 is housed with following features, Intel Core i7-7Y75 processor, 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD. In addition, for better connectivity there are Thunderbolt 3, Display port, USB-C, and USB 3.1.

7. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

While searching for the ultimate laptop among the best Black Friday laptop deals in 2020 you will most probably notice the latest product from Microsoft named Surface Pro 7. All the best features that users expect from the best 2 in 1 laptop you fill find in this one. The 12.3 inches touch screen display with 2736 x 1824 resolution projects a perfect view for you to enjoy movies and games with better results. Moreover, there are some other features in this laptop that deserves to be appreciated, such as the Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB RAM that makes the overall laptop’s performance just perfect and you will never detect any kind of lag while performing the tasks on it. Also, there is a 128GB SSD that also has a good impact on the performance and provides better capacity for storing data. In addition, there is also a good battery backup so you will never face the power issues most of the time. There are also better connectivtiy options offered by Microsoft in this model. Finally, if you want the best opportunity to grab the best 2 in 1 laptop in black Friday deals this one best suits you then.

8. Acer Chromebook Spin 11

Acer Chromebook Spin 11 comes with best sleek design and also the portability is at its best level. There is a 11 inches touch screen provides perfect display for normal use. You can get this best 2 in 1 laptop at affordable price specially in best laptop deals black Friday 2020. Moreover, there is 4GB DDR4 that enables speedy multitasking on this laptop by taking more help from 32GB eMMC. You can take advantage of portability feature of laptop when there is good battery backup and there is no need for charging it continuously, so Acer provides 10 hours of battery life in this convertible laptop.

9. Lenovo Flex 5

Lenovo Flex 5 is one of the best 2 in 1 laptops as per its slim design, features and connectivity options. It comes with 14 inches minimal bezel screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution that provides big view as compared with other 14 inches screens. Moreover, the 360 degrees hinge will let you work on your tablet laptop easily with comfort. AMD Radeon Graphics in a convertible laptop means you have invested the money in right place by choosing the Lenovo Flex 5. Also, there is 16GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB SSD that makes the performance of this laptop just perfect. Furthermore, there is 10 hours of battery backup making Flex 5 best choice for all kinds of users.

10. Acer Spin 5

When you are searching for the best 2 in 1 laptop, Acer Spin 5 must comes in front of you among the best convertibles. But you have to keep on thing in mind if you are a quality lover and high price doesn’t matter for you then go for this one, whereas you can also get this one at an affordable price from laptop deals black Friday 2020. Furthermore, there is 8GB DDR4 RAM and 1TB HDD so there is a large space for you where you can store large amounts of data without deleting any kind of file. If you like to play games on this convertible laptop, hopefully, you will never get disappointed as there is GeForce GTX 1050.

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