Lenovo Yoga 900 VS HP Spectre X360 : (Detailed Comparison)

Lenovo Yoga 900 VS HP Spectre X360

When it comes to comparing the two best brands, probably it’s a quite tough process. If you want the best 2 in 1 laptop then you can check these two best machines Lenovo Yoga 900 VS HP Spectre X360. Both of these laptops are best at their work but there would be one major difference between them that compels you to buy one of them. The brand name also throws a great impact on the product, some users are HP lovers while the rest of others are fans of Lenovo. There is no need to be confused here we have tried our best to explain the differences between Yoga 900 and Spectre X360, so by reading this article you will be able to make a better decision for choosing the right product.

Lenovo Yoga 900 VS HP Spectre X360 Comparison Table

DetailsLenovo Yoga 900HP Spectre X360
Storage256GB SSD512GB SSD
GraphicsIris Graphics 540NVIDIA GeForce MX150
Display3200 x 1800 QHD IPS Display3840 x 2160 4K Touch Display
Battery(Approx. 2 hours)(Approx. 13 Hours)
Ports1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB Type-C, 1 x USB 2.01 x Thunderbolt3, 1 x USB 3.1, USB Type-C, HDMI
Measurements0.59 inches thick0.68 inches thick

You can find the base and fully upgraded versions of both these laptops. It purely depends on your budget, the base version you can get at an affordable price, whereas if you want the upgraded version then you have to pay some extra money for it. As both Yoga 900 and Spectre X360 are branded, models so you can possibly get their new versions that would be released every year.

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Lenovo Yoga 900 VS HP Spectre X360 Detailed Comparison

Lenovo Yoga 900

HP Spectre x360


Design is the factor that matters a lot while you are buying anything especially the laptop. When it comes to the design of HP Spectre X360 VS Lenovo Yoga 900 both have awesome design. Yoga 900 has the sleekest design whereas the Spectre X360 comes with minimal bezel screen. The plus point of the Yoga 900 design is that there are magnesium panels on the top and bottom increasing the beauty of its design. Moreover, the chamfered edges increase the beauty of X360 design. What’s special in the Lenovo Yoga 900 hinge it is made up of 813 individual pieces so you will feel secure while converting laptop to the tablet mode.

HP Spectre X360 has the better keyboard having Numpad and good key travel, so your fingers will not feel tired during the long typing sessions using its keyboard. On the other hand, the Yoga 900 also has a good keyboard but its not up to the mark as compared with the X360 one. When it comes to portability both of these shows flexibility in this area as both of them are light in weight.


CPU & Memory: As we know that the performance of the laptop mainly depends on its processor. So both of our under review laptops are equipped with Intel Core i7 processors, giving the best performance credits to one specific laptop here is a difficult task. But they can be differentiated when it comes to their memories as Lenovo Yoga 900 is housed with 8GB RAM and has 16GB RAM equipped on its motherboard.

Storage: Hp Spectre X360 again grabbed one plus point here as it is addressed with 512GB SSD. Whereas the Lenovo Yoga comes with 256GB SSD, both these laptops provide the SSD’s speed performance equally but the storage capacity of X360 is more than Yoga 900.

Graphics: Expecting graphics with high settings from a 2 in 1 laptop is something that doesn’t sound real, but when it comes to other normal graphics related tasks and less power-hungry games you can expect a best perfromance form 2 in 1 laptop then. Now let’s come to the graphics performance of our selected products. Both the laptops are powered with graphics cards of different brands, there is an NVIDIA GeForce MX150 in HP Spectre X360 while the Lenovo Yoga 900 is housed with Intel Iris Graphics 540. But both of them provides probably the same graphics.

You will just not find a major difference from the performance of both these laptops, as there is not a big difference in the specifications of these laptops.


While discussing the display you will detect a minor difference between these two machines. There is a 3840 x 2160 4k resolution in the Spectre X360’S display and on another side, Lenovo Yoga 900 has 3200 x 1800 resolution display. Whereas, both of the devices have touch screen technology in their displays. Due to the minimal bezel screen, you will find the HP Spectre X360’s display bigger than other 15 inches screens. Comparing the screens of Lenovo Yoga 900 VS HP Spectre x360 if you want your data to be projected on a big screen so then HP spectre is the best choice for you.


Due to compact and slim design, most of the 2 in 1 laptop comes with a limited number of ports. Lenovo Yoga 900 is addressed with USB 3.0, USB Type-C, and USB 2.0. Whereas the HP Spectre X360 also have the same type of connectivity options, but there is the addition of Thunderbolt 3 and HDMI that makes it somehow better than the Yoga 900 in the connectivity concerns.

Battery Life

Now its time to compare actually Yoga 900 VS Spectre X360, as there is a big difference between the battery life of these two convertible laptops. Lenovo Yoga 900 provides you approximately the 2 hours of battery backup so you always have to keep the charger with your laptop anytime. On the other hand in Spectre X360 battery lasts around 9 hours through which the whole day official work or studies can be performed without having the trouble of charging it again and again.


In Lenovo Yoga 900 there are jBL stereo speakers addressed behind the two grills and they feature Dolby DS 10.0 Home Theater Certification. So possibly you will get a better audio system in the shape of Lenovo Yoga 900 speakers. But due to the bottom-design of its speakers sometimes you have to face the disturbing music. On the other side, the bottom-firing speakers of Spectre X360 just amazed you with the loud and clear sound in a medium-size room but you will miss minor details of music some of the times.


Both of these products are available at almost the same price, and there is one thing same about both of them and that is you have to invest some big amount for getting these best 2 in 1 laptop. Moreover, Spectre X360 VS Yoga 900 both of them are the best laptops but when it comes to the performance and battery life HP Spectre X360 is slightly better than Yoga 900, Keep visiting our page so you can get the proper information regarding their upgraded versions here. Also if you have questions you can ask in our comments section. Good Luck!

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