Apple iPad Pro Vs Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – Detailed Comparison

Apple iPad Pro Vs Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Now that iPad Pro achieves cursor support, both Microsoft’s Surface line and Apple’s tablets have become truly laptop replacement tablets. The Surface tablets have long been compared with laptops and the latest Surface Pro 7 is another hallmark of Microsoft. It’s run by Windows 10 and you can attach the optional Type Cover keyboard for a whole laptop-like experience.

So, who can throw Microsoft over the perch than Apple? Bringing the Apple iPad Pro up, it’s a prime computing device with optional keyboard support. Run by the MAC OS, one can’t ignore iPad Pro in the run of laptop replacements tablets. Though both the tablets are just amazing, the question is which one will become your future laptop?. Here we will compare iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 7 step by step so that you can decide which one is best for you.

iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 7 Comparison Table

DetailsiPad ProSurface Pro 7
CPUA12Z Bionic chipIntel Core i3, i5, i7
Screen12.9″ (2732 x 2048)12.3″ (2736 x 1824)
Storage128GB to 1TB128GB to 1TB
Battery LifeApprox. 10 HoursApprox. 8 Hours
Pencil Support2nd Gen Apple PencilSurface Pen
Keyboard SupportMagic Keyboard & Smart Keyboard FolioMicrosoft Type Cover keyboard
Dimensions11 x 8.4 x 0.2 inches11.5 x 7.9 x 0.3 inches
Weight1.4 lbs1.6 lbs

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iPad Pro Vs Surface Pro 7 Comparison

iPad Pro Vs Surface Laptop 7 Design

iPad Pro Vs Surface Laptop 7 Design

iPad Pro Vs Surface Pro 7 Design

Design-wise the iPad Pro is almost identical to the previous model. This means that it’s slim, lightweight and Apple has used quality build material. The casing is formed of aluminum, however the back panel is made up of glass. There is a large Apple logo on the back and dual speaker grills are present at the top and bottom of the device. Bezels are extremely thin and a magnetic strip is added to the right side which holds and recharge the pencil.

The Microsoft Pro 7 is also a good looking tablet but it needs some modification. First, bezels around the screen are thicker which some users won’t like. Second, the built-in kicstand is a nice addition but it needs some stability. Aside from this, the Pro 7 is a slick and slim slate. The build material is magnesium alloy and you will see a Microsoft logo at the kickstand.

If we look at the weight and thickness, the iPad Pro and Pro 7 weigh 1.4 and 1.6 pounds and measure 0.2 and 0.3 inches respectively. So, design-wise between Surface Pro 7 vs iPad pro, the iPad Pro is the winner.

Surface Pro 7 Vs iPad Pro Performance

In case of performance, the Intel Core i5 CPU and 8GB of RAM in our Surface Pro 7 delivers excellent performance. Most of the premium laptops feature these internals, so you can expect demanding tasks from it. The iPad Pro on the other hand is powered by the Apple A12Z chip with neural engine. It performs better than the i5 CPU but if you go for the i7 version, then Surface Pro 7 is certainly unbeatable.

When it comes to graphics performance, then iPad Pro is again the winner. Though the Pro 7’s Ice Lake processor comes with Iris Plus graphics which performs much better than the previous Intel UHD graphics, still it can’t bit iPad Pro in graphics muscle.

iPad Pro Vs Surface Pro 7 Display

Whether you are watching your favorite movie or just browsing the internet, the display of both the tablets are breathtaking. But if you are asking about the best display between these two, surely iPad Pro’s display is a way better than the Pro 7.

The 12.9 inches screen of iPad Pro offers 2732 x 2048 resolutions with a 264 ppi. While the Surface Pro 7’s 12.3 inches panel has a resolution of 2736 x 1824 and 267 ppi. Plus, the 559 nit panel of iPad Pro is much brighter than the 359 nit panel of Surface Pro 7. More, the iPad Pro produces 123% of sRGB color gamut and the Pro 7 covers only 102%. So, the iPad Pro display is larger, brighter and more sharp compared to the Pro 7 display.

Surface Pro 7 Vs iPad Pro Connectivity

In terms of ports for secondary connectivity, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is more versatile and offers a decent set of ports. You will have a USB Type-C, a magnetic Surface Connect port and a USB Type-A ports on the right side. The microSD card reader is behind the kickstand and a headphone jack is located on the left side. On the contrary, the iPad Pro only holds a USB Type-C port for charging. So, it’s quite easy to guess who’s the winner in terms on secondary connectivity.

iPad Pro Vs Surface Pro 7 Battery Life

The battery life of both the devices have decreased compared to their predecessors. The 2018 model of iPad Pro could last over 13 hours, but this one lasts just over 10 hours. The Surface Pro 7’s 8 hours battery life is much shorter compared to the over 9 hours battery backup of Surface Pro 6. So, in terms of battery life iPad Pro beats the Surface Pro 7.

Surface Pro Vs iPad Keyboard, Touchpad & Pen

Currently on the market, Surface Pro 7 has the best detachable keyboard. However, the iPad Pro keyboard is a bit uncomfortable and expensive. Plus, the Surface Pro’s optional keyboard has a touchpad while the the Apple’s Smart keyboard lack it. Though a touchpad is included in the Apple’s Magic keyboard, it’s expensive and will cost you around $300.

When it comes to stylii, both are superb, and excellent for drawing but the Apple’s Pencil is indeed a winner. Although it’s a bit expensive compared to the Surface Pen, you can magnetically attach it to the iPad for charging which’s remarkable.

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Final Words
iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro 7, both are great tablets and delivers outstanding performance. You can carry them around conveniently and will carry out all the necessary tasks on the go. Along with work, they are ideal for entertainment due to their gorgeous display and pleasant audio quality. You can also play less demanding games but don’t think of playing demanding games on these tablets. When it comes to choosing the best of the two tablets, we recommend iPad Pro because it’s the overall winner. Anyway, everyone has its own preferences, so go for the tablet that suits you the most.

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