Huawei Matebook X Pro vs Dell XPS 13: (Detailed Comparison)

Huawei MateBook X Pro vs Dell XPS 13

Laptops have various uses in our lives, some use them for professional designing while others use them for gaming. But everyone keeps a laptop which is a sort of go-to for all types of work. The comparison here is of two such laptops, we will discuss Huawei Matebook X Pro vs Dell XPS 13.

Both these laptops have been top rated for a long time now. Interestingly enough, both of them go head to head with each other. And both these are the type of laptops which you can carry around anywhere without any worries and use them for any sort of work because they pack enormous power. Now, if you are confused about which one you should choose between a Dell XPS 13 and Huawei MateBook X Pro, go through the comparison here and you will sort it out.

Huawei MateBook X Pro vs Dell XPS 13 Comparison Table

DetailsHuawei MateBook XDell XPS 13
CPUIntel Core i7-8550UIntel Core i7-10710U
Storage512GB PCIe SSD256GB M.2 SSD
GraphicsNvidia GeForce MX150Intel UHD Graphics
Display13.9 inches IPS (3000×2000)13.3 inches (1920×1080)
Battery57.4Wh (Approx. 10 Hours)51Wh (Approx. 11 Hours)
Ports2 x USB-C (1 x Thunderbolt 3), 1 x USB-A, Headphones/Mic Jack3 x USB-C (2 x Thunderbolt 3), Micro SD card slot, Headphones/Mic Jack
Measurements0.57 x 11.97 x 8.54 (inches) / 2.9 pounds0.46 x 11.9 x 7.8 (inches) / 2.7 pounds
PROSDedicated Graphics, 3K DisplayBattery Life, Performance

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Dell XPS 13 vs Huawei MateBook X Pro Detailed Comparison

Dell XPS 13 vs Huawei MateBook X Pro Design

Huawei MateBook X Pro vs Dell XPS 13 Design comparison

Design & Make

Speaking of design and make of both these laptops, both of them are lightweight, they come with a thickness of less than 7 inches and are extremely portable. And due to this, both the laptops fall into the ultrabook category because they are powerful as well. The MateBook X Pro, more or less resembles a MacBook and also gives a feel of it to a certain level but obviously, it isn’t one. Dell XPS on the other hand has kept its classy looks with corners and a scratch-less overall surface.

As far as the build quality is concerned, both laptops are rigid and will accompany you for years if used with a bit of care. But the feel to your hands or fingers is totally different. The XPS 13 feels solid whereas the MateBook feels something premium and delicate, but it isn’t. And for dimensions, the XPS 13 comes with a thickness of 0.46 inches which is better than that of MateBook at 0.57 inches. And, when compared in weight the Dell XPS 13 again is lightweight at 2.7 pounds in contrast to 2.9 pounds of the MateBook.


Speaking of performance comparison between these two laptops, they beat each other at certain places. It you take the processor into regards, then the XPS 13 is the winner because it rocks a 10th Gen Intel CPU which obviously better than that of the MateBook which is an 8th Gen Intel CPU. But processor alone is not enough here. Both of them come with same RAM which is 16GB LPDDR3, here they both get into a tie. But when things come to graphics, the MateBook is home to a much powerful GPU which is the MX150 whereas the Dell XPS comes with integrated UHD graphics. But including a dedicated GPU inside the MateBook X was important because it rocks a high resolution display at 3K. This sort of resolution obviously asks for more graphical power from the inside.

Deciding a winner here is sort of vague. You will have to take into account specifics of your usage and then decide between Dell XPS 13 vs Huawei MateBook X Pro.


When comparing the display, Huawei wins here which is because it has better resolution and a larger screen size. The MateBook rocks a 0.6 inches bigger display than that of the XPS which is 13.3 inches and the resolution of it is 3000×2000 which again is higher than 1920×1080. But these are not the only things where you choose which display is better. Things like brightness and color accuracy matter as well. Well again, for these factors the display of MateBook X Pro is better.

However, all these things do not mean that the XPS comes with a bad display, it still is better than many. Anyway, if your usage is graphics intensive or requires a bigger and clear display than the MateBook X should be your final choice.


USB-C is the new thing among ports. Almost all new laptop being released form now on will carry this port. And with time the usage of USB-A will come to an end. Dell here has taken a leap and removed the UBS-A. But it gets a higher number Type-C ports.

The MateBook X is home to 2 USB-C ports one of which is Thunderbolt 3 and has a USB-A port as well. But it lacks other ports like an SD card slot. Whereas, the Dell XPS is home to 3 USB-C ports, two of which are Thunderbolt 3 and also has a MicroSD card slot. Now deciding a winner here again is sort of an open debate because one of these laptops lacks a USB-A port but has more number of Type-C ports while the other gives you USB-A connectivity but has a lower number of Type-C ports and also lacks SD card slot.

Battery Life

For battery life, the XPS 13 is a clear winner. This is because it takes you over 11 hours which is massive. On the other hand, the MateBook X isn’t bad either because the laptop gives you a backup of around 10 hours. And obviously, the reason for this is that the Huawei Laptop rocks a dedicated GPU and higher resolution display. Anyway, both these laptops are good enough for battery backup because 10 hours is the best timing which you can only find in a limited number of proper laptops.

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Audio & Webcam

You would rarely use the webcam, it simply just isn’t useful these days among laptops. However, if there is a need of using it, both of them are good in quality and yes you can get over a video session on it. But the placement of it is different in both laptops. For the Dell XPS 13 7390 it is placed at the center of top-bezel which is where normally it is placed. But in the MateBook you will find a pop-up module placed between the F6 and F7 keys. It can be considered a good move for privacy measures but the positioning is not good at all. It views you down from your nose.

As concerned with the audio performance, both come with good sound and are loud. However, the MateBook is equipped with a better system which you can tweak around and customize it your own taste.

Final Words
After knowing all the differences you must have decided what laptop suits you the most. Openly announcing the winner is not clear because both go head to head and where one lacks something the other once covers it. The best thing would be to choose the best one for your needs. As an example, the MateBook is a good choice for those whose work involve graphical tasks. Whereas, the XPS 13 would be perfect for those who travel a lot and carry their laptop because it comes with better battery and is lightweight.

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