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Informational guides towards keeping your laptop healthy and in good shape.

screenshot on hp laptop

How to Screenshot on HP Laptop

Screenshots are often referred to as screencap or screengrab. They let you capture what you are exactly seeing on your screen display. Sharing, saving, or taking screenshots can be extremely beneficial. Some say...

how to speed up laptop

How to Speed Up Laptop

Newer means faster, a new laptop is always faster and has a great performance because its hardware is compatible with the current software applications. For a certain time, like a year or two, it may work without any...

how to cool down your laptop

How to Cool Down your Laptop

Laptops have become a crucial aspect of our life. We are mostly dependent on it for almost all day long. It brings good sides to it like getting things done quickly but there is a cost to the increased affordability and...

why is my laptop fan so loud

Why is my Laptop Fan So Loud

One of the most annoying things while using your laptop is when the fan of your laptop becomes loud. You will not be able to focus on your work due to the loud fan of your laptop. The fan noise distracts your attention...