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best laptop for kids

It’s time your kid gets a personal laptop now. Early age is the best time to get started with technology and start learning gradually. Besides, kids may ask for your laptop several times a day and most of us are not willing to share it because of work data. This is why you should be looking for the best laptop for kids, so your kid could get the best laptop in the lot.

For kids who haven’t used a laptop yet, you have a wide range of options. There are lots of operating systems and designs available. But for those who are used to certain OS, you will have to buy the exact same thing. We have included a guide here that takes you through certain factors for choosing a laptop for kids. Do remember, that the best laptop for kids is not necessarily a cheap one. It should be a combination of several things, due to which your kid can easily learn things and also use it for entertainment in free time.

Best Laptops for Kids 2021

  1. ASUS Chromebook Ruggedized – Best Chromebook for Kids
  2. Acer Chromebook R11 – Best Convertible Laptop for Kids
  3. Microsoft Surface Go – Best Lighweight Laptop in 2021
  4. Lenovo IdeaPad U430 – Best Touch Screen Laptop for Kids
  5. LG Gram 13 – Best Battery life
  6. HP Stream Laptop – Best Keyboard
  7. ASUS VivoBook – Best Thin Laptop in 2021
  8. Apple MacBook Air 13 – Best Mac Laptop for Kids
  9. Acer Spin 11 – Best 2 in 1 Chromebook
  10. Lenovo IdeaPad 80E3007FUS – Best Design

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Our Top 3 Picks

1. ASUS Chromebook

ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 Ruggedized for kids

CPU: Intel Celeron N3060
Display: 11.6″ (1366×768)

2. Acer Chromebook

Acer Chromebook R 11

CPU: Intel Celeron N3060
Display: 11.6″ (1366×768)

3. Microsoft Surface Go

New Microsoft Surface Go

CPU: Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y
Display: 10″ (1800×1200)

What is the Best Laptop for Kids?

You simply can’t walk into a store or search online for some moments and get your kid a laptop. It needs to be the perfect gadget for your kid. This is why you have to put in some thought into choosing the best laptop for your kids. There are several things based on which you can get your kid what he/she wants or what he/she needs. Let’s dig into what can be the most optimal laptop for your kid.

Operating System

Before anything, you should decide on what OS your kid should be exposed to. If your kid is getting a laptop for the first time, OS is an important factor. Now among operating systems, most prominent are Windows and macOS. This clearly indicates that in order to use macOS, you will have to get your kid a MacBook which no doubt will be expensive.

But, if you don’t want to spend a big sum, then you will have to consider Windows or you can go for ChromeOS. Windows, as you might know, is the widely used OS in the world, it is easy to interact with and almost every software is available for it. But again, if your kid is getting a laptop for the first time then it is the best time to introduce him to ChromeOS. This relevantly new OS is super easy to use, has a wide range of useful applications, and works seamlessly with Android apps. Moreover, ChromeOS might become one of the widely used OS in the near future and therefore, your kid will be ready for it.


You must also look into what type of performance and speed your kid will be expecting from his/her laptop. To be honest, a kid would be simply doing his homework tasks, using simple drawing apps, or watching movies/cartoons. For all this stuff, you do not need high-end performance. But this doesn’t mean that you should go for the lowest possible performance. What you need to do is to choose the moderate path and select something which has average performance and specs.

For a kid, 4GB of RAM, core-i3 or above the processor, and a storage capacity of over 256GB is more than enough. Additionally, HDD storage type is fine too, you should not necessarily go for an SSD which clearly increases the price of laptop.


The size of the laptop for your kid depends on age. Whenever someone talks about the size of a laptop, it mostly means the screen size. And as a matter of fact, screen size directly affects the weight. So, if your child is around 11 years or below, then an 11-13 inches laptop will be the best choice. This is because laptops in this size range are lightweight and portable. But for children above 11 years, you can go for a bigger screen size because they can handle it and their work may require a full-size laptop.


One of the traits of the best laptop for young kids should be durability. Children under 11 or even 12 years of age, mostly, are not aware of handling things with care. This is why their laptop needs to be a durable one. Now for durability, there are some laptops that come with special rubbers applied to edges having more chances of getting scratched or breaking down. But such laptops are rarely available. The best way is to go for a laptop with a metallic build like aluminum. However, you may find some durable laptops made of plastic as well, the good thing about those is that they have a compact design.


One important aspect of choosing the best first laptop for kids is to know what they want it for. You should know what your child intends to do with it. Is it just for entertainment purposes like watching cartoons and movies or getting over a video call with their aunt? Is it for homework or they just want to stay in touch with their friends using social networks? And, What if they want it for playing games?

After knowing the real use, you can get your hands on the perfect laptop for your kid. For entertainment and homework purposes, you can simply choose anything below 400 bucks. But if your kid wants to use the laptop for playing games then it needs to be powerful. You may need to increase your price range to 600 bucks or slightly above that. In some cases, the school teacher might recommend some laptop models or perhaps the requirements only. In this case, you must go with the exact requirements or slightly above that for a better experience.

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Best Laptop for Kids Reviews

1. ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 Ruggedized

ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 Ruggedized for kids

CPU: Intel Celeron N3060 | RAM: 4GB DDR3L | Storage: 16GB eMMC | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics | Display: 11.6″ (1366×768)

Asus C202 is one of the most durable laptops you will ever come across. It is exactly for the kind of people who give their laptop a hard time while using, carrying or doing anything with it. Most of these people turn out to be kids, so for them, it’s a blessing. Besides, it comes with one of the best keyboards you will ever see in a Chromebook. And not to forget, it has one amazing battery, you easily get a backup of over 8 hours. And, for connectivity to the outer world, it houses 2 USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port, an audio jack, and an SD card slot.

What makes it durable, is the rubberized ring around its lid and bottom frame. This rubber ring makes the laptop resist a fall of around 2 feet, this clearly is something you don’t see in daily use fancy laptops. Additionally, the keypad here is spill-resistant, suppose you or your kid spill any liquid onto it, all you have to do is flip the laptop upside down and use some cloth or towel. You can use it like there has been no spill at all. About the looks, the rubberized edges are blue in color, and combined with the grey color of the laptop, it looks stunning. More, it weighs 2.6 pounds which might be above what other laptops of this size are, but considering the fact that it is durable, this weight means nothing.

As known from the name, it is a Chromebook which clearly means that it runs ChromeOS on the inside. Most of the time Chromebooks are not high-end performers rather average specs for average tasks. Same is the case here, with a 1.6-GHz Intel Celeron N3060, 4GB RAM and 16GB eMMC memory, it is enough to handle the needs of your children. More, there is a built-in Intel HD Graphics 400 which is good enough to deal with the cartoon or movies your kid might watch. Last but not least, the display is 11.6 inches with a resolution of 1366×768. It might not be a colorful one but clearly, does justice provided the size and price of the laptop.

2. Acer Chromebook R 11

Acer Chromebook R 11

CPU: Intel Celeron N3060 | RAM: 4GB DDR3L | Storage: 32GB eMMC | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 400 | Display: 11.6″ (1366×768)

Chromebooks are the best go-to option when talking about laptops or in this case the best laptop for kids. They are compact, pack enough power to perform average tasks, are portable because of less weight and most of the time give you, long time battery juice. And same is the case with Asus Chromebook R 11. It weighs 2.7 pounds only and is not a plain laptop. It’s a 2-in-1 convertible which means you can use it in other modes like the tent mode and it houses a touch display. It comes with a whole white or whole black chassis, most of which is aluminum for stunning looks and durability.

Speaking of what lies under the hood, you get an Intel Celeron N3060 alongside 4GB of RAM. This is enough for your child to do his homework or get on with a video call with an aunt. More, it comes with 32GB eMMC storage which again is more than enough for kids. The display you get is 11.6 inches having a resolution of 1366×768. It’s a colorful one, plus, the touch of it is good too. However, there are not many things in the Chromebook which you would prefer to use with touch.

Speaking of the ports, you get USB 3.0, USB 2.0, SD card reader, and of course an HDMI, without which modern laptops are incomplete. Your kid may not need display connectivity ports in the early days of his laptop use, but it should always be there. The keypad and touchpad are rather good. Keys are nicely placed, they are not loose. It can be the best keypad where your kid could start learning to type fast. Finally, this Chromebook for kids will pass on battery juice for over 9 hours which is insanely stunning. Remind your kid to charge it at night and then he can use it the whole day in school and later on at home.

3. Microsoft Surface Go

New Microsoft Surface Go

CPU: Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 128GB SSD | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 620 | Display: 10″ (1800×1200)

Surface Go might cost you more than what you intend to buy for your kid, but for sure, this is what your kid will love the most. The reason behind this is a stunning design, powerful internals, a nice display, and the fact that it is a tablet that comes with a detachable keypad of its own. The display it rocks is 10 inches with a resolution of 1800×1200. This makes it a vibrant and colorful one. Additionally, for connectivity, you don’t get a ton of ports. All you get is a Type-C, Surface Connect, and SD card slot. But you should know that using adapters you can use Type-C and Surface Connect for almost anything.

Speaking of the internals, your kid gets an Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y processor alongside 8GB RAM and a 128GB SSD. All this under the hood is more than enough compared to what your kid would be needing the laptop for. Now the keypad here is an amazing thing, it actually comes as a separate entity which means you will have to buy it separately. It won’t cost you a lot, that’s for sure. The good this about it is that it is lightweight and the keys are nicely placed for a better typing experience. It even houses a touchpad of its own. More, the laptop as a whole with the keypad connected weighs a mere 1.66 pounds which makes it extremely portable.

Speaking of the battery, on continuous normal use, it lasts for over 6 hours which is good but not impressive compared to what modern-day tablets and laptops deliver. More, for such a small size it still packs amazing audio hardware. The sound is clear even at a loud volume. Let’s cut to the chase, Surface Go is one best mini laptops for kids. It is lightweight, can be used as a tablet as well, and packs good power inside it.

4. Lenovo IdeaPad U430

Lenovo IdeaPad U430

CPU: Intel Core i7-4500U | RAM: 4GB DDR3L | Storage: 500TB HDD / 8GB SSD | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4400 | Display: 14″ (1600×900)

Having a build of all aluminum, Lenovo Ideapad U430 is a durable and portable laptop for your kid. Its design is stunning, it is compact and lightweight as well, weighing 4 pounds only. The fact that it runs Windows OS on the inside, makes it worth the bucks and competition. For those who do not want to go for a Chromebook and stick to Windows, this is the best option. What really makes it worth the investment is its 14-inch touch-enabled display. So, if your kid is 12 years or above, this is going to be the best laptop computer.

Speaking of its performance, for processing you get an Intel Core i7-4500U processor along with 4GB RAM and 500GB storage space. It’s a simple HDD, you do not get an SSD which definitely will increase the price. But overall, this is a good combination of specs for average or above tasks which your child might be performing on the laptop. You also get Intel HD Graphics 4400 which is a built-in GPU, this further enhances the graphical experience. The display it rocks is 14 inches touch-enabled with a resolution of 1600×900. It’s a vibrant display but the viewing angle is not too wide.

Talking of its input, the keypad and touchpad both are good and responsive. You will be able to perform all Windows 10 gestures on it. For connectivity, you get an Ethernet port, HDMI, a USB 3.0, an audio jack on the left. Whereas the right side is home to two USB 2.0 ports and a 2-in-1 card reader. Furthermore, this laptop for kids produces some serious sound because it is equipped with Dolby Home Theater v4 which pushes the speakers for surround sound. Finally, it constantly provides battery juice of over 8 hours which is a good number considering the specs and performance.

5. LG Gram 13

LG Gram 13 for kids

CPU: Intel Core i7-8565U | RAM: 16GB DDR4 | Storage: 256GB SSD | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 620 | Display: 13.3″ (1920×1080)

This laptop here is the most powerful one you will find in the list. It is the latest generation and comes with good power which obviously means it is an expensive one. But if you are thinking of getting something which will last for many years with your kid then this should be your final choice. The good thing here is that despite being powerful and housing the latest tech, it still manages to be lightweight at 2.07 pounds only. Besides, it’s 13 inches in size which is optimal for kids over 11 years of age.

Let’s cut to the chase, LG Gram 13 houses an Intel Core i7 8th Gen processor alongside 16GB RAM and a mighty 256GB SSD. This configuration throws out enough power to do almost all sorts of high-level tasks except heavy graphical work. For casual gaming and somewhat good graphics work, it houses Intel HD Graphics 620. Because of this, the laptop can be regarded to be the best gaming laptop for kids. About the display, it’s a 13.3 inches Full HD IPS LCD Screen. It offers a good viewing experience of being vibrant and colorful.

Speaking of its connectivity, you get an HDMI port, two USB 3.0, a USB Type-C, Micro-SD card reader and an audio jack as well. More, you also get a fingerprint ID reader as well. It can be useful for Windows login or many other places for security. Now the keyboard here is a nice one, the keys nicely rest on its flat chassis enabling you or in this case your kid to type with ease. And not to forget, it is a backlit keyboard which of course enables you to work easily in dark as well. Last but not least, when fully charged it can easily get you through a workday.

6. HP Stream Laptop PC 11.6 Inch

HP Stream Laptop 11.6

CPU: Intel N4000 | RAM: 4GB DDR4 | Storage: 32GB eMMC | Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 600 | Display: 11.6″ (1366×768)

HP Stream is a durable laptop, it is clear from the looks. The design is not modern looking, it is more of old-school design. This is why the bezels are thick and the weight is more compared to its size. It weighs 2.5 pounds which is good but considering the size, it should have been less. Besides this, it is an average performer, has a good battery life and will prove to be a good companion for your child.

Speaking of what it hides under the hood, you get an an Intel N4000 processor which is good for children’s use. With this, you get 4GB RAM alongside 32GB eMMC storage. Overall, it’s a nice configuration for what your kid will be doing on it. More, for an above-average graphical experience, it houses Intel HD Graphics 400 GPU. It rocks an 11-inch display at 1366 x 768 resolution, but it’s not the best one in the lot. The colors are dull and the brightness is not up to the mark.

Its keyboard is what you are going to like the most. The keys are well-spaced, so typing on it easy. Besides, the palm-rest area adjacent to the lower side of the keypad will exactly suit the hands of 9 years or above kids. Despite being old school, it lasts for over 8 hours which is an impressive mark from its battery. Finally, for connectivity, you get an audio jack and USB 2.0 on the left, while the right side is home to HDMI, SD card slot and a USB 3.0 port.

7. ASUS VivoBook E403NA-US04

ASUS VivoBook E403NA-US04

CPU: Intel Celeron N3350 | RAM: 8GB DDR3 | Storage: 64GB eMMC | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 500 | Display: 14″ (1920×1080)

This laptop can prove to be the best cheap laptop for kids who are 13 years or older. The reason for this is its size which is 14 inches. Although it is not heavy at all but large screen laptops needs to be handled with care. It has an all-aluminum body except for sides of the lower body. This makes it durable and lightweight weighing 3.01 pounds. Also, the build of it makes the laptop look stunning. It can be taken anywhere, in case of kids, to school or a night out with friends.

Speaking of the performance, VivoBook V403NA rocks Intel Celeron N3350 Processor along with 4GB of RAM. And providing further support to this configuration is 64GB eMMC storage. The display here is FHD 14 inches, it’s a nice and vibrant one. Such a display panel will be a nice touch for your kid’s homework or other things like reading an e-book. More, the speakers are nice even at loud volume. However, the loudness is not what you would expect. It hardly fills a normal-sized room.

With over 8 hours of battery backup, it will easily last your kid a full school day. Having said that, your kid won’t need to carry an additional cord in the bag for charging the laptop. Its keypad seems to be of some premium laptop. Such keyboards are hard to find on budget laptops, this one here is clearly responsive and easy to type upon. At last, the ports you get are 2 USB 3.0 ports, an SD card reader, an HDMI, a 3.5mm audio jack and finally a USB Type-C port.

8. Apple MacBook Air 13 Inch

Apple MacBook Air 13 Inch

CPU: Intel Core i5 Dual-Core | RAM: 8GB LPDDR3 | Storage: 128GB SSD | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 6000 | Display: 13.3″ (1440×900)

Windows and ChromeOS have their own features, most prominent among which are user-friendliness and compatibility with almost all sorts of hardware and software. On the other hand, a MacBook is user-friendly as well but it faces difficulties when it comes to compatibility. And therefore, many people would not recommend it for children. However, being honest, there are huge chances that your kid will be using a MacBook for his/her professional work later on in life. For the very same reason, it is good to introduce your kid to a MacBook at an early age. Of course, this means that you will be spending a big sum.

A 13 inch MacBook Air would be preferable for kids who are 11 years or older. The laptop itself is slim, smart and lightweight. It weighs 2.98 pounds and is a mere 0.7 inches thick. This makes it a good one to carry around easily. Speaking of its performance, you might know that MacBooks are always fast because of their optimized internal OS and software. On the inside it hides a 1.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 alongside 8GB RAM and a 128GB PCIe SSD. Additionally, it houses 13 inches 1440 x 900 pixel display, it has an odd resolution but the quality of it, is stunning.

For connectivity, you get 2 USB 3.0 ports, an audio jack, SDXC memory reader and a Thunderbolt 3 port. These ports are pretty good for all sorts of connectivity. The keypad, as always is a nice one, it makes typing fast really easy. Talking about the battery backup, MacBooks are always the winners, and this one here gives you a backup of over 10 hours. Finally, the speakers are good too, they produce an ear-pleasing pleasant sound which you would love to watch a movie on.

9. Acer Spin 11

Acer Spin 11

CPU: Intel Celeron N3350 | RAM: 4GB LPDDR4 | Storage: 32GB eMMC | Graphics: Intel HD Integrated | Display: 11.6″ (1366×768)

Acer Spin 11 is a 2 in 1 Chromebook that offers a good design and performance simultaneously. Its performance can not be regarded to be ultimate but is good enough for kids. Design-wise, because it’s a 2 in 1, it offers multiple modes so the kid could use what eases him/her the most. Overall, it has got elegant looks and is a durable one. Besides, it is not heavy as well, the laptop weighs 3 pounds which makes it a portable one.

Speaking of the performance of this Chromebook, it packs a 1.1-GHz Intel Celeron N3350 processor alongside 4GB of RAM. In addition, you get 32GB of flash storage which of course has faster load speed. This configuration makes the laptop good enough for school or homework usage. More, it comes with an 11.6 inches display having a resolution of 1366 x 768. the display of this best laptop for kids is colorful but on the other hand, is a dim one, perhaps you won’t like the brightness of it.

For connectivity, you get USB Type-C ports on each side, a USB 3.0 port, a micro SD card and an audio jack. This is pretty much everything you would need for external connectivity. The keys are shallow, but the placement and surface behind it feels good while typing. Its speakers are good for normal use, however, you may not like the sound when watching a movie or any other video with sound. Finally, the battery backup of this best laptop for young kids is good enough to get your kid through the school day.

10. Lenovo IdeaPad 80E3007FUS

Lenovo IdeaPad 80E3007FUS

CPU: Intel Celeron N3350 | RAM: 2GB | Storage: 32GB eMMC | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 500 | Display: 11.6″ (1366×768)

This one is the best cheapest laptop for kids, it’s a Windows laptop and comes with good internal components. The design of it is not appreciable, because the build quality is not premium. Although, it is lightweight at 3.2 pounds only and this makes it pretty much portable. Apart from the build quality, it is nice to be used by kids.

Under the hood lies Intel Celeron N3350 Processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB eMMC storage. This configuration makes it a good one for normal tasks performed by kids. However, you can easily upgrade the RAM to 4GB if you want or need it. The GPU it houses is Intel HD Graphics 500 which is a good one for basic stuff and therefore, you should not be expecting it to play most games for you. The display here is 14 inches having a resolution of 1366 x 768, being honest, it is not the best one in the lot but will do the work for kids.

The keys on it are tightly packed which may cause some difficulty in typing. But this will not stop you from comfortably using the keyboard, it will take time for getting used to. For speakers, they are nice and loud, you should not hesitate from watching a movie. Now for connectivity, you get 2 USB ports, an audio jack, HDMI and a Type-C port. This is pretty much which you would be needing. And last but not least, the battery will easily last you a day.

A Laptop for kids, as mentioned in the very start does not need to be the cheapest one of all. There are certain things like portability, size and purpose it is being used for, based on which you can choose a laptop for your kid. At times, these laptops might be expensive, but those will last longer and you won’t be buying your kid a laptop, every year. Good Luck with finding the best one out there!

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