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Best Laptop for Drawing

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We have reviewed the best laptop for drawing that are loved by creators and animators for their great features Which makes them a perfect choice for drawing and creativity. Further, we have narrowed down our list to these top-rated laptops based on their powerful hardware specs (CPU, RAM, GPU), display, versatility, and other great features. In addition, all the important features and specifications including laptop configurations are explained in detail. Check all products included below and choose the suitable one.

Best Laptop for Drawing 2021

  1. Asus ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 – Best 4K Drawing Laptop
  2. Lenovo Yoga 920 – Best Lightweight Laptop
  3. MSI Creator 15M – Best Laptop for Creatives
  4. Dell XPS 13 – Best 2 in 1 for Drawing
  5. Microsoft Surface Pro X – Best Tablet for Drawing
  6. LG Gram 14 – Best 14″ Laptop for Drawing
  7. Lenovo Yoga C930 – Best Ports Configuration
  8. Microsoft Surface Book 2 – Best Battery Backup
  9. Samsung Notebook 9 Pen – Best for Digital Drawing
  10. Microsoft Surface Go – Best Budget Drawing Laptop

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Art is the expression of human creative skills and imagination, typically in visual form. So, the better will be your tool, you can represent your ideas more phenomenally. Most artists prefer to draw on a graphics tablet by linking it to the PC. But it’s easier to draw directly on a laptop screen with a digital pen. Modern-day laptops come with such configuration that the precision and performance go head to head with the graphics tablet. Hence, if you opt for a laptop, the best laptop for drawing will certainly astonish you.

Buying a laptop with an accurate display and hooking up a graphics tablet to start drawing is an easy task. However, our main focus here is on laptops exclusively made for artists. So, you need to find such a laptop that has all the features of a graphics tablet along with a high resolution and color accurate touch screen. For this, you will need hours of research. But don’t worry, we have made it quite simple for you and our top ten contenders will take your artwork to the next level.

Our Top 3 Picks

1. ZenBook Pro Duo

Asus ZenBook Pro Duo UX581

CPU: Intel Core i7 9750H
Display: 15.6 (3840×2160)

2. MSI Creator 15M

MSI Creator 15M

CPU: Intel Core i7 9750H
Display: 15.6 (1920×1080)

2. Lenovo Yoga 920

Lenovo Yoga 920

CPU: Intel Core i7 8550U
Display: 13.9 (3840×2160)

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Recommended Configuration for a Drawing Laptop

You can choose the best laptop according to your needs and budget by going through our buyer’s guide. Here we are just suggesting the correct configuration according to your work.

  • If you design in Adobe InDesign, QuarkXpress, and Adobe XD, you will need a Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, 512GB SSD, and a 4k display.
  • While creating graphics, editing video, and creating simple animation in Photoshop and Illustrator, along with a Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, 512GB SSD, and 4k display, you will also need powerful graphics cards like AMD Radeon Pro 555X or Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050. Also, Thunderbolt 3 ports are required for connecting fast external storage.
  • If your work is even more complex like editing 4k videos and working in after effect or you need the most powerful laptop, never accept below Core i9 processor, 32GB of RAM, 512GB or 1TB SSD, Nvidia RTX graphics card, Retina or 4k display and Thunderbolt 3 port.
  • On the other hand, if your budget is limited, a Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, 512GB SSD, and FHD display will do a nice job for you. Make sure that the budget model is not with an inferior screen.

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Best Drawing Laptop 2021

1. Asus ZenBook Pro Duo UX581

Asus ZenBook Pro Duo UX581

CPU: Intel Core i7-9750H | RAM: 16GB DDR4 | Storage: 1TB SSD | Graphics: Nvidia RTX 2070 | Display: 15.6″ (3840×2160) Touchscreen

The Zenbook Pro Duo by ASUS is the best laptop for drawing 2021 that comes with two 4k screens for next-level creation. Straight out of the box it will impress you with its stylish and innovative design. The build material is aluminum, so durability is equally appreciable. When you lift the lid, the deck gently raises for even comfortable viewing and typing experience. Happily, the Chiclet-style keyboard is pretty springy with enough feedback to save you from bottoming out. If you are concerned about the palm rest don’t panic a detachable palm rest is included. More, at the bottom right corner, you will see a touchpad that is responsive and converts to a digital number pad.

The reason that we recommend it for professional artists is the 15.6 inches 4K NanoEdge main display. Since it delivers rich colors with exceptionally sharp details. The matte ScreenPad Plus, though it’s not as vibrant as the main display, yet an excellent addition for artists. Since a single display is not enough for most of the creators, therefore ASUS has added an extra screen to carry out all your demands. Fortunately, both the screens are touch-sensitive and an active stylus pen is included. In addition, it comes with a built-in IR camera for facial recognition.

Going towards configuration, the Zenbook Pro Duo sports 9th Gen Intel Core i7 Hexa Core CPU, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 GPU, 16GB of RAM and 1TB SSD. So, it offers outstanding performance and creating your dream art is full of the joys of spring. Although Pro Duo is not much portable with 5.5 pounds weight but with 0.9 inches thickness the overall profile is pretty slim. Yet the ports are sufficient since it features a Thunderbolt 3 port, a USB 3.1 Type-A Gen 2 port and an audio jack on the right side. Whereas, the left side houses a USB 3.1 Type-A Gen 2 port and an HDMI 2.0 port. On top of that, up to 3 hours of battery life is plentiful for such a powerful laptop.

Pros: Powerful performance, 4K NanoEdge display, 4K ScreenPad Plus, ErgoLift design, Keyboard, Cool-Air express system, Facial recognition, Built-in Alexa, Wi-Fi 6, Thunderbolt 3 port
Cons: No Ethernet port, Less Portable, Battery life, Weak audio

2. Lenovo Yoga 920

Lenovo Yoga 920

CPU: Intel Core i7-8550U | RAM: 16GB DDR4 | Storage: 512GB SSD | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 620 | Display: 13.9″ (3840 x 2160) Touchscreen

With an attractive design, colorful display and long battery life, Yoga 920 is the best 2-in-1 laptop for drawing. Build material is aluminum and the watchband-style hinge lets you bend the lid back into the tablet, tent or stand modes. Although bezels surrounding the screen are very thin, but thankfully the webcam is positioned above the screen. Moreover, the keys are fairly snappy but don’t offer enough resistance to keep you from bottoming out. Also, the touchpad responds smoothly and accurately to multitouch gestures. On top of that 3.02 pounds, weight and 0.5-inch thickness make it extremely easy to carry.

Equipped with 13.9 inches 4k display, Yoga 920 offers sharp and bright images. In addition, the viewing angle is very wide, even if you watch from 60 degrees left or right, the picture will remain undisturbed. Solid performance is offered due to the 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM. To store your data, you will have 512GB SSD which can copy up to 4.97GB of mixed data in just 17 seconds, for a transfer rate of 299 MBps. Likewise, Lenovo’s Active Pen 2 stylus makes it the best laptop for drawing.

Ports combination is very solid for such a slim system. Two Thunderbolt 3 ports on the left side, meanwhile on the right side a USB 3.0 port and a 3.5mm headphone jack are located. The impressive audio quality of yoga 920 will prove to be very helpful during a break after continuous long hours of work. Despite the fact, the screen is touch-sensitive and the machine is very powerful but it still manages to provide over 12 hours of battery life. Hence, professional artists in search of a 2-in-1 laptop with world-class performance should go for Lenovo Yoga 920.

Pros: Great performance, Bright & Coloful display, Attractive design, Battery life, Very portable, Durable, Keyboard, Fingerprint reader, Thuderbolt 3 port, Included stylus, Great sound quality
Cons: Short array of ports

3. MSI Creator 15M

MSI Creator 15M

CPU: Intel Core i7-9750H | RAM: 16GB DDR4 | Storage: 1TB NVMe SSD | Graphics: Nvidia RTX 2060 | Display: 15.6″ (1920×1080) 120Hz IPS

Strong graphics performance with attractive chassis and long battery life make MSI 15M the best laptop for drawing and animation. The laptop is trendy and durable with its sleek design and brushed aluminum build material. The 15.6 inches screen is surrounded by extremely slim bezels, though the top and bottom bezels are somehow thicker. Happily, the notebook is portable as well with 4.1 pounds weight, so creativity on the go won’t be an issue. Along with this, the ultra-slim profile with just 0.86 inches gives it a stunning look.

Get the best picture quality of whatever you are watching or creating with the Full HD IPS display. The TrueColor Technology of MSI gives you excellent color accuracy. Along with this, to get the best scene you can select different modes. Besides, the powerhouse performance of Creator 15M is due to the 9th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and Nvidia Geforce RTX 2060 GPU. As it comes with a powerful graphics card so along with work, you can also enjoy playing games. Thinking about storage capacity? The 1TB NVMe SSD is more than enough to store all your data.

Enough ports for secondary connection of MSI 15 allow you for a concentrated work and gaming battle station. You will find a USB 3.2 Type-C port, two USB 3.2 ports and an audio jack on the right side. While on the left side you will see only an HDMI port. Moreover, the keyboard with white backlight offers a comfortable typing experience. Similarly, the touchpad is quick and responsive, also provides a wealth of space to navigate web pages and documents. On top of that, the notebook can last up to 7 hours, so it offers flexible uninterrupted creativity to the traveling artists.

Pros: Powerhouse perfromance, Bright & Color-rich display, 120Hz refresh rate, Stunning design, Battery life, Keyboard, Cooler Boost 5 technology, Durable, Portable
Cons: No Thunderbolt 3 port

4. Dell XPS 13 2-in-1

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1

CPU: Intel Core i7-7Y75 | RAM: 8GB LPDDR3 | Storage: 256GB SSD | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 615 | Display: 13.3″ (1920 x 1080) Touchscreen

Dell XPS 13 is the best touch screen laptop for drawing with fancy design and speedy CPU. The laptop is thin, light and incredibly mobile, allowing you to work anywhere you want. Plus, the flexible 360-degrees hinge enables you to use the laptop in four positions. So, you can watch or work the way you want with a tent, tablet, laptop and stand mode. Since it measures only 0.3 inches, therefore, the sleek and silent design limits excess noise and heat from your laptop and gives you the pleasure of quiet use. Plus, the password-free sign-in with the fingerprint reader is an extra comfort.

The 13.3 inches Full HD display gives you a stunning view and clarity of your content. You will definitely fall in love when you see the truly astonishing details. Furthermore, the touchscreen is speedy and responsive, so you will barely notice any lag while drawing in Paint 3D. Equipped with the Intel Core i7 processor, integrated Intel HD graphics 615 and 8GB of RAM, the XPS 2-in-1 provides enough power for multitasking. On top of that, the 256GB SSD is plentiful for storing your data.

The next-level portability of XPS 2-in-1 is due to the extremely lightweight of 2.7 pounds only. However, when it comes to ports then you should not expect a wide range of connections. On the bright side, it includes all the necessary ports. On the left side, you will see a USB C 3.1 port, a micro SD card reader and a Noble lock slot. While the right side is home to a Thunderbolt 3 and a headset jack. Besides, if you want to work for a longer session without interruption, up to 15 hours of battery backup is sufficient. Hence, a sleek design, speedy performance and smashing screen make XPS 13 the best laptop for drawing 2021.

Pros: Solid performance, Vibrant InfinityEdge display, Sleek 2 in 1 design, Battery life, Comfortable keyboard, Fingerprint reader, Lightweight, Durable, Thunderbolt 3 port, Dynamic Power Mode boosts
Cons: Limited connectivity options, Awkward webcam position

5. Microsoft Surface Pro X

NEW Microsoft Surface Pro X

CPU: Mirosoft SQ1 | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 128GB SSD | Graphics: Qualcomm Adrino 685 | Display: 13″ (2880 x 1920) Touchscreen

Hybrid design and Slim Pen makes Surface Pro X the best convertible laptop for drawing. However, the Pen is not included in the box, so you have to buy it separately. Going towards the design, the Pro X is a slimmer version of Pro 7 with even thinner bezels. The build quality feels solid with anodized aluminum. Just Like Pro 7 on the back, you can see a familiar kickstand allowing you to use the laptop in three modes. Just change the position of the kickstand and work in a laptop, tablet and studio mode.

Microsoft has equipped Surface laptops with a gorgeous display, so is the Surface Pro X. The 13 inches PixelSense display with the resolution of 2880 x 1920 gives you outstanding visual delight. The panel is capable of covering 103 percent sRGB spectrum and 417 nits make Pro X king of brightness. So, viewing or creating your content under a bright condition won’t be an issue for you. Moreover, the powerful Microsoft SQ1 processor, 8GB of RAM and 128GB SSD make drawing super-convenient. Anyway, if you are not happy with this configuration, you can go for the 16GB memory and 256GB SSD version.

Weighing only 1.7 pounds and measuring 0.3 inches, Surface Pro X is extremely portable. However, when it comes to ports you will be a bit disappointed. Since the right side features only a Surface Connect port for charging while the right side sports two USB-C ports. We wish that like Pro 7, it comes with an SD card reader and an audio jack. On the bright side, up to 13 hours of battery life make creativity on the go possible without interruption. Thus, if you want a versatile laptop with longer battery life and amazing display, go for Microsoft Surface Pro X.

Pros: Gorgeous display, Sleek & Slim design, Keyboard, Battery life, LTE connectivity, Extremely portable
Cons: Middling performance, No headphone jack, Short array of ports, Expensive

6. LG Gram 14 2-in-1

LG Gram 14 2-in-1

CPU: Intel Core i7-8565U | RAM: 16GB DDR4 | Storage: 512GB SSD | Graphics: Intel HD graphics 620 | Display: 14″ (1920 x 1080) IPS

Silky-smooth pen input and colorful display make LG Gram the best laptop for drawing 2021. Unlike the Surface Pro X, the Stylus Pen is included so you don’t have to buy it separately. The overall weight of the unit is just 4.41 pounds and the profile is slimmer with 0.7 inches thickness. The build quality of the lightweight laptop is solid since it has passed seven MIL-STD durability tests. More, a fingerprint reader is embedded in the power button, so you can log on to your laptop without the discomfort of entering a password.

The screen size is 14 inches and offers a vivid display with resolutions of 1920 x 1080. Plus, the panel is IPS type, so the viewing angle is great. Not only this but the panel is sufficiently bright as well, emitting up to 253 nits. Equipped with an 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM, performance is outstanding. Storage capacity is plentiful as it comes with 512GB SSD. On the off chance, that you want to play games, you can enjoy casual gaming due to Intel UHD 620 graphics. Don’t expect high-end gaming from LG Gram 14 because it is purely designed for work.

The Stylus Pen allows you to write and draw naturally having precision ink at one end and a rubber eraser at the other end. Along with this, you won’t see any lagging while sketching in Sketchpad and Paint 3D. Despite slim chassis, secondary connectivity options are admirable. The right side is home to a USB 3.1 port, a microSD card slot, a headphone jack a sleep button and a lock slot. Whereas the left side features a full HDMI port, another USB 3.1 port and a USB Type-C port. Besides, over 11 hours of battery life won’t interfere with your creativity.

Pros: Strong performance, Vivid & sharp display, Great design, Battery life, Keyboard, Portable, Durable, Fingerprint readear, Included Stylus Pen
Cons: No Thunderbolt 3 & Ethernet ports, Weak audio

7. Lenovo Yoga C930 2-in-1

Lenovo Yoga C930 2-in-1

CPU: Intel Core i7-8550U | RAM: 12GB | Storage: 256GB SSD | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 620 | Display: 13.9″ (1920×1080) IPS

Lightweight, stylish design and long battery life include Yoga C930 in the list of best laptop for drawing. Being 2-in-1 allows you to convert it from a traditional laptop to a tablet. Both lid and deck are made of aluminum so it just doesn’t look premium, Yoga C930 feels strong too. It weighs only 3.04 pounds and thickness is 0.6-inch. In spite of that, the keyboard is pretty decent for such a thin laptop. Keys are backlit, key travel is 1.3mm and require 75 grams of actuation force. So, due to these keys can feel stiff in a long typing session. The touchpad is responsive and integrates various Windows 10 gestures.

13.9 inches Full HD display of Yoga C930 is detailed and offers sharp images. However, brightness will disappoint you as the panel can emit only 274 nits. On the bright side, you won’t have any issue while drawing a picture with the included pen on the touchscreen. What will make drawing and sketching more smooth is the 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor and 12GB of RAM. In addition, with 256GB SSD, storage space will never be a problem for you. Also, it can copy 4.97GB data in 15 seconds with a transfer rate of 339 megabytes per second.

Ports offered for secondary connections are limited due to its slim design. So, you will find a USB 3.1 port, two Thunderbolt 3 ports and an audio jack, that’s all. Admitting that most slim laptops get heated soon when the heavy workload is put on them but Yoga C930 manages to run cool. If you are thinking where to place a Stylus Pen, don’t worry you can slide it into the pen slot on the back of a laptop. On top of that over 10 hours of battery life is phenomenal for a portable and 2-in-1 laptop. So, if you are looking for a drawing laptop with gorgeous and hybrid design, portability, robust performance and long battery life, go for Yoga C930.

Pros: Performance, Colorful display, Stylish & versatile design, Battery life, Portable, Durable, Keyboard, Thunderbolt 3 port, Speakers, Included stylus Pen
Cons: A bit dim display

8. Microsoft Surface Book 2

Microsoft Surface Book 2

CPU: Intel Core i7-8650U | RAM: 16GB LPDDR3 | Storage: 256GB SSD | Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1050 | Display: 13.5″ (3000×2000) PixelSense

Detachable design, long battery life and bright display make Surface Book 2 a versatile boss for creative and drawing tasks. With 3.62 pounds weight and 0.9-inch thickness, it is portable and easy to carry. Being detachable, it can be used as a tablet hence Book 2 is the best touchscreen laptop for drawing. Although key travel is just 1.2mm but keys have unshakable clicks which prevent you from bottoming out while typing. Along with this the touchpad works exceptionally with Windows and responds immediately to gestures.

Equipped with 13.5 inches PixelSense display, pictures look sharp and detailed. Also, 3000 x 2000 resolutions will give you an extra advantage during drawing. On top of that Microsoft Book 2 is the most powerful surface ever. Armed with Intel Core i7 quad-core processor having Max Turbo up to 4.2GHz, 8GB LPDDR3 RAM and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050, performance is just next level. What is more, 256GB SSD provides enough space to store all your data. Despite the fact, it is very powerful but the few vents near hinge keep the machine cool.

As Surface Book 2 is for both work and play, thankfully ports are also in a wide range. The right side of the base features USB Type-C and Surface Connect charging port. On the left side, an SD card reader and a pair of USB 3.1 ports are located. A headphone jack is positioned on a tablet, also tablet has its own surface connect so charging it separately is possible. Beyond that, up to 12 hours of battery life is more than enough to get you through a long day working. So, if the price is not burning a big hole in your pocket, don’t worry about the performance of Surface Book 2.

Pros: Robust performance, Brilliant display, Innovative design, Battery life, USB Type-C port, Portable, Durable
Cons: A bit shallow keyboard, No Thunderbolt 3

9. Samsung Notebook 9 Pen

Samsung Notebook 9 Pen

CPU: Intel Core i7-8565U | RAM: 8GB LPDDR3 | Storage: 512GB SSD | Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620 | Display: 13.3″ (1920×1080) Touchscreen

Incredible display, convertible and reasonable budget make Notebook 9 Pen one of the best laptops for drawing. The magnesium-aluminum alloy puts this 2-in-1 buddy in a different weight class. Speaking of which, it weighs only 2.2 pounds, so Notebook 9 is quite light compared to the competitors. However, at 0.7 inches it isn’t much slimmer. Plus, the 360-degree hinges are stiff that makes it stays firm in both laptop and tablet mode. More, the fingerprint reader is on the keyboard which users won’t like on a convertible laptop. Fortunately, it still works nicely when the notebook is in tablet mode.

The 13.3 inches touch screen display is stunning with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Also, the touch screen response is very accurate, hence you won’t notice any latency while drawing in Paint 3D and Fresh Paint with the included S Pen. Along with details display is bright emitting up to 289 nits. Furthermore, hearty performance is due to the 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor and 8GB of RAM. Equipped with 512GB SSD, Notebook 9 has lightning-fast transfer time and huge storage. If you are thinking of music during the break, the dual 5W powerful speakers of it will certainly amuse you.

The set of ports offered by Samsung Notebook 9 is quite standard despite slim chassis. The left side features a USB Type-C port, an HDMI port and an audio jack. While the right side houses a USB 3.0 port and a microSD card slot. to another USB 3.0 port and an SD card reader. Hence, the fantastic display, faster SSD, and great portability of Notebook 9 provide an affordable way of drawing.

Pros: Performance, Bright & Color-rich display, Lightweight, Durable, USB Type-C port, Fingerprint reader, S Pen stylus
Cons: Boring design, Keyboard, Battery life

10. Microsoft Surface Go

New Microsoft Surface Go

CPU: Intel Pentium Gold | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 128GB SSD | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 620 | Display: 10″ (1800×1200) PixelSense

Surface Go is an ideal budget 2-in-1 laptop that comes with a vibrant display and comfortable keyboard. Whenever a budget is mentioned with a product the first doubt that comes in a person’s mind is build quality. However, it is not true in the case of Surface Go, due to silver magnesium case it feels and looks superior compared to other budget laptops. In addition, the kickstand is also the same as you will get with the expensive Surface Pro, so switching between laptop and tablet mode is very convenient. Minimalist design lovers will be pleased the most as it weighs only 1.15 pounds and thickness is 0.3-inch.

Everything comes with a cost, being a mini laptop so the screen is also small that is just 10 inches. The display is PixelSense and offers 1800 x 1200 pixels resolution, also it can be touched, viewed and drawn upon. Plus, to write and draw naturally use surface pen having ink at one end and an eraser at the other end. More, the screen is very bright emitting up to 415 nits, miles above the 245 nits of budget laptops. Surface Go, best laptop for drawing houses an Intel Pentium Gold processor and 8GB of RAM to give a vigorous performance. 128GB SSD might be low for you but keeping the price in mind it is acceptable.

Intel UHD 620 graphics will just lower the load of CPU, don’t think of high end gaming. Also, there is no much room for ports as required for gaming laptops due to extremely slim design. You will find only a USB Type-C port, a Surface connect port, an SD card reader, and a headphone jack. On the other hand, the Surface Go will disappoint you on the battery side as it lasts for 6 hours. Hence, users looking for an affordable 2-in-1 laptop with acceptable performance, excellent display, and high portability should invest in Microsoft Surface Go.

Pros: Performance, Colorful and bright display, Excellent design, Comfy keyboard, Highly portable, Durable, USB Type-C port, Facial recognition, Speakers, Affordable
Cons: Thick bezels, Battery life

How to Choose the Best Laptop for Drawing 2021

Nowadays artists do not require a pen and paper to give their imagination physical form. Instead, with the right laptop, they can complete their tasks more conveniently. Plus, it will take your creativity to the next level. You may know that all laptops are not suitable for drawing. So, the question arises that which laptop will suit you the most? Well, the following are a few important factors, if you select a laptop on the basis of these certainly you will love it.

Display should be Responsive

Display responsiveness matters a lot. While drawing on a laptop, you will be either using the Stylus or physically interact with the screen. So, whatever you are drawing it should come into life instantly on the screen. Minimum the delay, better will be your images. Also, the screen response should be accurate and faster whenever you touch it. Hence, while investing in a laptop for drawing give special attention to this factor.

It should be Portable

A drawing laptop is like a sketchbook for an artist so, it should always be with you wherever you go. Certainly, it is a bit difficult with a heavy and bulky laptop, therefore make sure that the laptop you are considering is slim and lightweight. If you are looking for an even better option a 2-in-1 laptop will do more good to you. As 2-in-1 is detachable so you can detach the screen to draw more conveniently on the tablet.

It should be Durable

As traveling artists constantly change their environments. Some places are extremely hot while others are very humid. This is why your laptop should be such which can survive under harsh conditions. Also, make sure that it is not affected by up to 2 feet drop because drawing laptops are carried from one place to another, hence their chance of dropping is frequent.

Battery Life should be Long

While drawing, your mind should be free and without worrying about other things. If something unexpected happens the whole flow of an artist gets disturbed and can’t create such images that are in their imagination. As you know that it’s not possible to use a laptop the whole day while plugged in. Therefore, battery life should be long in order to give you a long working session, also you can draw freely without worrying about the charging station. Hence, the battery life should be at least 8 hours for a drawing laptop.

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