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Best eReader 2021: top tablets for reading

Enhancement of technology has certainly not left any domain untouched. And when it comes to books, you no longer need to carry a pile of them or take out free time for going to library. Some of the best ereaders display the content just as if you were reading from a real page of a book. Thanks to E-Ink technology which gives you the pleasure of viewing black and white very similar as that on a book. Besides, it’s not just the quality of screen but other factors like you can keep thousands of books in your ebook reader simultaneously. Also, anytime you want to read a new book or someone recommends a book to you, it’s just a few click away from you.

Best eReader 2021

  1. Kindle Oasis
  2. Likebook Mars
  3. Kindle Paperwhite
  4. Apple iPad Mini
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  6. Kobo Libra H2O
  7. Kindle Kids Edition

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Our Top 3 Picks

1. Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis

Display: 7 inches
Weight: 188 grams

2. Likebook Mars

Likebook Mars E-Reader

Display: 7.8 inches
Weight: 130 grams

3. Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini

Display: 7.9 inches
Weight: 317 grams

What is the Best E-reader?

A bit of forethought is necessary if you are buying an ereader for the first time. Since a a tablet made specifically for reading is different than other tablets, you need to know what to choose and what not. Our ereader reviews below will shows you some of the best ereaders 2021 as well as normal tablets hich we use in daily life. This totally depends on your usage for a tablet, if you already own a tablet and want to buy and ereader for book reading only then below is the guide towards it. However, if you are looking for a best tablet for reading 2021 which will also allow you to other things like watch a movie or get your work done on the go, then a couple of such tablets have been added to the reviews as well.

Backlight control

Early ereaders and some new ones, do not come with backlight. This means you would need another source of light for reading from your ebook reader. This gives the ereader more battery life and there simple isn’t any strain on your eyes. However, this can be an issue at times. So you need to make sure that the ereader you buy comes with its own backlight and that it is adjustable. Interestingly, the backlight of new ereaders is exceptional. You will be reading your favorite ebook at night and your bedmate won’t be disturbed by it at all.

Battery Backup

Ereaders use minimal power for display the book pages and it should be the case. So in a world where you charge your smartphone, laptop, tablets and smartwatches etc. one should not add another headache to the list. Make sure the reading tablet you buy can go on for weeks before the battery is drained. On the other hand when it comes to charging, you have to make sure that the charging port is something same as what your smartphone or smartwatch uses, this way you won’t need to carry an extra charger for your ereader.

Size and Weight

All you want is to read a book and for which you necessarily do not need a very large screen. Something with a display of 6 – 8 inches is just perfect. You will also see 10 inch ereaders which are good to but only buy them if you intend to use at your home. On the contrary, if you want to carry your ereader everywhere you go, then make sure it does not cross the 8 inch mark. This way, you will have enough space for it in your backpack and you won’t feel the need of carrying extra burden. Similarly weight matters too, for an ereader you should not go for something which is above a pound.

Control Buttons

In most ereaders if not all, you will see buttons using which you can turn pages. Those with touchscreen are more easy to use and brings a feel or actually turning the page of a real book, however this leads to more battery consumption. Whereas, those with buttons for change between pages are less power hungry but it isn’t fun. Also, you will come across some best reading tablets which come with both interface options and of course this will raise the price of the device.


For most this might sound new, but most of the eraders you will see are waterproof. This is because many people love to sit on a beachside after a swim and read their favorite book. Also, it is a good thing to have since you won’t need to worry about it if using your ereader in kitchen, washroom or any other such place.


Internet connection is what you should focus most in an ereader. Most ereaders will have a WiFi connection which is necessary. But you might need a cellular connection of you intend to use your ereader in places where you might not be able to reach WiFi. This obviously makes the tablet a bit expensive but this is the price you will have to pay of you want multiple connections to the internet.

Ebook Store & App

Any ereader is useless if it is not compatible with well-known ebook store like Amazon or Kobo etc. You have to make sure that you ebook can connect to one or more of your favorite only book stores and is also capable of running the format which the store uses, because all of the formats here are not similar.

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Best Reading Tablet 2021

1. Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis

Amazon is well-known for its ereaders and obviously kindle is the reason for it being popular, long before there were ereaders. The Kindle Oasis is a good 7 inch reading tablet with a nice and handy design. The latest model very similar to its predecessor apart from the fact that now can change the color tone from warm to cool. This allows you to set the colors tone as per your requirement, whether you read at day or night. Besides, it is waterproof, which means you can enjoy reading your favorite book in your pool or by the beach. More, you get 8GB of storage, a WiFi connection and you can always choose to read or listen to your book since the ereader easily connects to your headphones. And finally, there is no doubt about the fact that the control buttons on the right side exactly mimic as if turning an actual book page.

2. Likebook Mars E-Reader

Likebook Mars E-Reader

This one is counted among the some of the powerful ereaders because of its good specs and features. Bearing a 2.5 GHZ processor and 2GB RAM, it is more than capable of running any book in any form you want. Despite this, you get to switch to A2 mode which decreases the image quality in order improve the overall performance. Speaking of design and features, the Likebook Mars is a 7.8 inch ereader with no odd bottom or side bezel which you normally see in other eraders because of battery placement. Also, the tablet supports Android 6.0 and so you can use any app as far as Android 6 still supports it. All this aside, the reading experience is amazing because of the screen resolution and the enormous battery life which can take a ride for over 3 week even under constant use.

3. Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon is the kind among ereaders for now and this seems to stay the way it is for the coming years. Amongst kindle ereders, the Paperwhite is one of the famous tablets for reading. The reason behind it being so popular is that everything on it is fine-tuned. Staring from the anti-glare display which is good on your eyes, then its lightweight nature and finally the amazing battery which goes on for weeks. Plus, how can one forget the access to Kindle using which you are able to access millions of books. You get to choose between 8GB or 32GB storage and this is where you store all your audio books and comics etc. Besides, the Bluetooth connection allows you to connect to your headphones and listen to your favorite book anytime you want. And it is waterproof which makes even a better option.

4. Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini

Not specifically and ereader but one of the best tablet for reading you will find among normal conventional tablets. This is for when you need to have a tablet which can act as an ereader but at the same time you want to do it other things as well. For the Apple iPad Mini to become a good reading tablet, its size plays the most important role. With a 7.9 inches display it is neither too small nor too big, this makes it perfect for reading and other work too. Since you get all sorts of connectivity like WiFi, Bluetooth and even Cellular connection if you chose to go for, this makes it very easy for you to access you favorite books from cloud and even listen to the audio version of it. As for the battery backups, 10 hours is what you get on continuous usage, however using it for reading books from time to time will give you way more.

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

If a good Android tablet is what you are looking for to be used as a reading tablet, the Galaxy Tab A8 is just the right choice. You get to enjoy all the efficiency and perks of Android and at the same time the 8 inches display is what makes it suitable to be used as a tablet for reading. The battery backup on this one is not what one can praise, however for the price it is offered, you get an ereader, a camera, good specs and everything else altogether. Whereas some good ereaders, all that can do is enable you to read a book are offered for the same price. So, if you want a best ereader tablet which can do other things too then should be your choice.

6. Kobo Libra H2O

Kobo Libra H2O

This best reader tablet here is designed so nice that it almost mimics a book and while reading your favorite book, it seems as if you are actually holding a real book. While it constraints you from some things, at the same time it comes with enough features that you start liking it. What you will miss after buying this one is that you won’t be able to access any Amazon Kindle books but you get access to KOBO ebook store which has thousands and thousands books on it. Design wise, the 7 inches display is what makes it a good and you can use it in both landscape or portrait format. Also, the operating buttons on the side make it easy to use and mimics the exacts way of turning a book page. Under normal usage like half an hour or 1 hours a day, this ereader here can give you a backup for several weeks which is one of the reasons which brings it to the list.

7. Kindle Kids Edition

Kindle Kids Edition

Since Kindle is for everyone, you also get to buy a specific kids editions for you little one. Obviously this ereader is only limited to reading books and nothing else, which means you will have to buy a separate tablet for kids for other things like cartoon and apps. However, it is good for you children to get into the habit of reading early on. What make it specifically for kids is that you get a good rubber cover on it which prevents it from children’s harsh use and you get a year of free access to Amazon on kids+ after which it will be a $2.99 per month. And last but not the least is the fact that because of the existence of Bluetooth, you kid can listen to his/her favorite book, poem or any other related material.

Final Words
Book reading gives you experience even if you haven’t been in a scenario, it lets you prepare yourself early on. Now with technology and also the busy life, an ereader is the best option for keeping your self educated on things which are not part of your daily life. An ebook can make this happen and very easily, you can have it in your backpack anytime and every time, and listen to or red for favorite books on the best ereader 2021 you buy.

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