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Best 4k Monitor

Best 4K Monitor 2021

Gone are those days when the users compromised on 2K and other low-resolution monitors for gaming and many other tasks. Nowadays the market is loaded with a lot of 4K resolution monitors. Also, now buying the 4K monitor...

best budget gaming monitor

Best Budget Gaming Monitor 2021

It is not always necessary that only a gaming monitor with a hefty price tag gives the best possible gaming experiences. There are some exceptionally great budget gaming monitors with decent features set to offer that...

Best from PC Gaming

Best Gaming PC 2021

Over the past few years, Gaming industry has greatly evolved with the introduction of graphics-intensive and power-seeking games. In order to keep with those demanding games, you will need yourself to be equipped with...

Best RAM for Gaming 2021

Surely, the gaming system depends on a powerful CPU and GPU. Apart from these two, RAM is also one of the most important tools in your gaming PC. A reliable and fast RAM will give you a smooth and lag-free gaming...